The contract



Why did'nt UPS and the Teamsters try to resolve the overwhelming Issue's of this contract. The pension and mandatory overtime. Wages were'nt even a high priority.(according to teamster poll)


Wages were obviously a high priority to the union negotiators - your dues are based upon your wages, not your benefits.

The pension was a high priority for UPS last contract, and the union's stand cost us all a 15 day strike. Neither side wanted to stir that snake pit again this time around.


When is the union ever going to adress some of the real problems at UPS? I am so tired of the issue always being wages. I have been a pakage driver for 19 years now in Montana, we face bad roads in winter, tourists in summer and are at the end of the road for the company, so air is late (9:30) most every day, feeders are often late as well.There are 30 drivers at our center,and most of us average 10 hours a day,with no incentive. The overtime issue was very important to all of us, and of course was never addressed. We make very good money,would like to see things change to make it a better place to work , instead of allways going after higher wages, that just causes managment to expect more out of us!!!



The IBT can't :

1) Negotiate the weather.

2) Negotiate the tourists.

3) Negotiate any other Acts of God

I know overtime was a big issue in some parts of the country, but in Ohio it wasn't talked about that much. When you got your full time package car job 19 years ago, you knew overtime was part of the package (no pun intended). The FedEx and Airborne employees face the same problems..
Unfortunatley, the company has to keep up with the competition, if they don't.. your gonna be more concerned about getting ANY time, let alone worrying about overtime. I don't mean to sound like I'm batting for the other team..but overtime is just expected in this buisness especially time sensitive situations.
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Well put, feederdryver.

We need to keep in mind what the union and UPS can actually do in a contract. Both sides must be realistic, and do what they feel is best for their constituents (union employees, customers, and shareowners).

Employees must let their representatives know up front, well in advance of the beginning of negotiations, what their hot button issues are.

Once negotiations start, it must be a give and take on both sides. Once a hand shake agreement is reached, it is nearly impossible to make major changes to sections of the contract that were not issues during the negotiating process.

To vote no because your major issue was not addressed is obviously your choice. But I believe that it is unrealistic to believe that your no vote will result in that issue being corrected to your liking in a second negotiation.

Just MHO.


I thought mandatory overtime was a major issue in this contract. Hoffa made it sound like we had a major victory in that area. When I saw the weak language I was disappointed. I think in some areas its just not an issue.