The Cuts Are Coming


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The job loss lottery starts. Huge cuts in domestic hubs and international cutting like hell. Watch out.
Remember that most on this thread are retired. Others are just reading and getting entertained by the panic.

I’m looking forward to some burner weeks during spring break 👍

Most of the guys taking weeks off are making pretty decent money doing their side hustle. So much work out there for those that want it.


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Network optimization, low package volume, overstaffing, and increasing wages are all contributing factors.
In order to manage the surge in volume during the COVID phase, UPS expanded its workforce. We have been reworking our network to operate more effectively at the same time. We are lowering the head numbers while things get back to normal in an effort to preserve our profitability. This is essential since our workforce levels can no longer be supported by the volume. Furthermore, labor costs have gone up since COVID. Regarding the new contract, UPS agreed to a front-end loaded arrangement at a time when packages were declining. Even while it played a role, the new contract was not the only factor in the layoffs that occurred.
Welcome back.


Is it a win if you take from some Teamsters to give to others?



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Hopefully the lower guys are smart enough to take note of the language in their local supplement. Fortunately they have options and side hustles.
On a side note. Remember last year when us old guys were mocked because we suggested not getting the new truck until they were through progressing. Fortunately many listened and now don’t have big payments on part time wages.