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    I pulled the heartwarming Panda Express Blog off the intranet the other day and printed it off. I just got around to reading it, and it's obvious that the whole Blog is a PR site...nothing else. All of the Blog topics are straight out of the Public Relations handbook. The highlighted topics are sustainability, environment, volunteer, community, CSR (??), with numerous other civic-minded and environmentally sensitive terms I won't bore you with.

    Although I've got nothing against pandas, philanthropy, or community service, I absolutely do have something against a company that is the antithesis of these behaviors pretending it is "responsible", especially when it comes to "community" and "sustainability".

    How can a company that keeps it's own employees in relative poverty claim a commitment to community? Ground drivers, who are really employees, work for low wages with no benefits. Ironically, many Ground workers would qualify as recipients of FedEx community service. Increasingly, it's Express employees who cannot make ends meet. How can a company that doesn't even provide for it's own employees claim "community" as one of it's core values? It can't, yet it does...all the time.

    I've already talked about what a huge polluter FedEx is, and how hollow the terms "sustainability" and "environment" really are at FedEx. Sorry, but transporting a few pandas or sea lions or whatever doesn't compensate for the poluution caused by a huge durty vehicle fleet, and another huge dirty jet fleet. Who is the #2 user of jet fuel in the whole world? FedEx. And where does all that burnt jet fuel go? Into our already dirty skies.

    I could pick this whole list apart for being absolutely, positively phony and completely contrived, but suffice it to say that anything FedEx does is performed with the expectation that it will net the company positive PR. They don't do it because it's the right thing to do, they do it because they are going to exploit the deed for every ounce of PR hype it can generate.

    One of the dirtiest companies in the world, both literally in the environmental sense, and figuratively, in terms of it's corporate ethics, is trying to clean-up it's act through an utterly fake PR campaign. I sincerely hope that responsible members of the scientific community set the record straight.
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    MFE, maybe the Panda Express Blog is the early stages of a 2013 Fedex Super Bowl commercial ? One thing Fedex is good for is the old "bait and switch" technique ! LOL