The "Heat" is on again.

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    Our center has been somewhat cool, calm and tranquil since January. Now being July the summer is here bringing not only heat from the sun, but also "heat" from our center management team.

    The last two to three weeks, drivers have been getting writing up and suspended for being overallowed, sheeting a package as clo1 during 12-1300pm..and so on. What was a very peaceful early part of the year has turned into a very confrontational atmosphere.

    My guess is UPS, probaly thought our economy would show some signs of turning around and since this has not happened. The drivers must be held even more accountable for their performance. I tell drivers don't feel too good that you beat the route or were scratch because you have to prove it again today and the next with these guys. One bad week and they'll be done your throat.
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    You can't receive a warning letter for being paid over. You can however be disciplined for pre-recording stops and then stop completing them later in the day. This seems to be a common practice with some drivers. They will catch you, and this is considered falsifying records. They are also looking at times between stops. Gentlemen, they can keep track of you all day long, and they do use it if they have any inkling that you are trying to screw them. When you're are on meal for example, it shows a knife and fork. Things are pretty disturbing right now on production. Just go out, do the job the best and SAFEST way you can, take the overtime ( I know thats easy to say), because one day it may not be there. Hopefully this economy will start to pick up towards the end of the year, and things will start to lighten up. Remember, when there is volume, it hides alot of sins. What I mean by that is, their numbers.
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    Its just a circle that keeps turning 'round and 'round. Welcome to the world of the package center and the pathetic numbers game being played. The harassment is not an easy thing to accept when the job is as hard as it is. At first chance trade in the package car for a tractor and all of the nonsense you have to deal with will just no longer exist. What feeders is to package car fresh air is to teargas:wink2:

    Morale is not very high in my old center. I stop over there from time to time. I just count my lucky stars that my old center is a thing of my past and I'm not a part of that drudgery any longer
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    I would like to hear some details about that.
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    Management at first was saying to be under an hour overallowed was ok, now they want us close to scratch, those drivers not meeting these goals are writen up. Drivers with more than 1hr in the hole, get to have the center manager ride with them 1 to 2 days. If their numbers improve with the center manager riding, they have to perform at that level. A driver going back to his previous overallowed times, will again get writen up.

    Whenever a manager tells me, they'll be riding with me, I say good. Give me your ear for 8 hours and I'll stick something good in there.
  6. Coldworld

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    even though they know the numbers are bogus on some of the routes...real fair. Seems like ANYTHING that is talked about at this company has some connection to these BOGUS numbers. If it was even halfway fair I dont think anyone would have a problem, but they arent. An allowance for a stop need to be STOP SPECFIC, address to address. It would be time consuming, but would be far more accurate. You dont give the same selection time to a driver that has a total walkway and stops lined up perfectly, compared to a driver in a bricked out p1000 who cant even get his front door open and the first 15 stops are delivered out of the back....theres a reason people have a problem with it...
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    No one wants a center manager riding with them. BUT the flipside to that coin is the center manager doesnt want to be out on the package car either. So beat him at his own game. Just keep sticking the numbers up his a:greedy: and he'll get tired of the rides and the policy will change. Its a battle of attrition. Its worth a shot:funny:
  8. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Our center has never been real bad about threatening drivers with rides but they do it occasionally. I think it's funny how they use it as a threat at all? What the *$*# are they going to do while riding with us? Harass us? I guess the best thing to do is just tune them out and do the job by the methods like always. That would probably drive them nuts more than anything. Last time I had my safety ride the only issue I could see that my sup had was with my lunch break. I could tell he didn't really want to sit there for a full hour. Oh well.
  9. soberups

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    With all the layoffs, the sups dont have any new hires to train. They have no job security and the harrassment and warning letters are just a way for them to try and justify their own continued employment. If they can generate enough reports and letters it can help to perpetuate the illusion that they are actually contributing something to UPS.
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    Have you been practicing DS? You are getting pretty good at that photo shop thingy. LOL :wink2:
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    Like I say, when managers want to ride with me. I tell them, give me your ear for 8hrs and I'll stick something good in there.
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    Take the ride do your methods. Then if they want to write you up for production tell them that you want to see in black and white where you are wasting time. You want to see a timed report that shows every stop for the whole week and compare to the days the sup rode with you. If they cant show proof then they cant write you up. Your shop steward has to have your back though.
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    I was told by a sup they'd rather have you over then under since if you only have an 8.5 day and you do it in 7.5 UPS feels they're getting ripped off by having to pay you that extra 30min.

    God forbid there's a reward in it for actually doing your job well!
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    As has been said and will continue to be said... UPS is a cycle and when they spin the wheel for the flavor of the month no one should be surprised.

    Grab your DIAD, punch in, get EDD, keep your head down and roll out the door. Start with your first stop and after you do your last come back to the barn, punch out, then go home.

    Everything else in between is a friggin' nuisance and should not be thought about or taken seriously.

    Work clean, don't give management a reason to speak with you (yes, yes, I know better) and don't give them the satisfaction of getting a rise out of you.

    It's really not that difficult.
  15. dilligaf

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  16. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    Just remember these simple rules and you can put up with anything.

    1. No matter how well you do your job it will never be good enough.

    2. Any action you take to get your name off of one daily report will simply cause you to appear on a different one. Your stress level will drop once you accept the fact that you will always be on a report somewhere and there is no point in worrying about it.

    3. You have job security. Your boss doesnt. He knows it, and he knows that you know it. His only coping mechanism for this fact is to write you up for irrelevant crap.

    4. You get a raise this year. Your boss dosnt. He knows it, and he knows that you know it. His only coping mechanism for this fact is to write you up for irrelevant crap.

    5. It is easier for your supervisor to manipulate statistics than it is for him to produce results.

    6. You justify your career by providing service to your customers. Your supervisor justifies his career by providing reports to his superior.

    7. There is no loyalty at UPS. The moment that you are no longer able to make your immediate superior look good on paper, you become a liability rather than an asset and you will be treated accordingly. You might as well get it out of the way now.

    8. The average supervisor or center manager spends 2 years at his assigment before being transferred, promoted or fired. You were probably there before he was, and you will be there long after he is gone. Any problems he has with you are temporary.

    9. Never make the mistake of assuming that your supervisor has the authority to decide anything for himself. He is nothing more than a tube that serves as a connection between those who do the work and those who make the decisions. Those decisions come down through him and when they dont work they will simply regurgitate back up through him. Getting mad at your sup is like getting mad at a section of sewer pipe for being clogged. Once the stench gets bad enough, those who make the decisions will get tired of the smell and only then will the problems actually get solved. Until then, just plug your nose and smile.

    10. Fearful people make stupid choices. Most sups arent stupid, they are only afraid. You dont have to be afraid, you just have to deal with other peoples stupid choices.

    11. If your supervisor turns on "the heat" need to turn it up even hotter. They have AC and you dont. Its up to them if they choose to use it. You dont need it.
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    And to piggy back on to what he said.......
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    I love that movie "Office Space" and the attitude of the lead.

    wish i could approach the job like that.