The UPS Driver Diet...


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Anyone have one? I figure on here would be the best place to ask since we sorta have an unconventional body schedule. I take lunch at 2pm and rarely eat breakfast, but i never really have all my life. My lunch is usually a pair of sandwiches and a piece of fruit. Dinner is different all the time, sometimes I just make spaghetti, sometimes burgers, etc etc. Whenever I've worked in operations, I've been a pig at times for eating with that bottomless stomach, but I'm sure most people here can relate.

At work I'm one of those swing-guys, so I do basically every kind of route... easy man retirement route to a harsh business/handcart environment to a heavy driver release route. High-step/low-step, I work 'em all.

Presently I weigh about 195 and stand 5' 11" tall. I'm 26 years old. Thanks in advance for all your input. :)


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I am a grazer. I just eat constantly all day. I know breakfast is important but I usually dont eat it. I bag a lunch of a couple sandwiches but usually grab something along the route. It is kind of funny as I usually grab the same things at several different places each day. The worst thing for me is I eat a lot before I go to bed. It doesnt really bother me, but they say not to. I dont get out of work until around 8pm so I stop somewhere and get it carry out.

Its funny you brought this up as I was just telling myself I need to improve my eating habits, cut out more soda and snack foods and eat more healthy foods.


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I usually take a anti pasto salad, and eat whatever anyone hands me through out the day. When no one does, I have my salad. Ive been on the dreaded diet and have lost 20 but I want to lose 20 more. I guess I need a 40 gal cooler of salad, because without something substantial I do get weak. It was Ok for about a month, coz I was motivated, now I just admit, Im freaking hungry!!!! Fruit, yeah, but nothing like a high carb when you need a boost. I also eat my main meal too late, and yes it may be bad for you but, do you want to eat in your truck or with the tv or significant other>I never eat breakfast, I got away from it on the preload. Now when I have dinner, my body automatically thinks it is time for bed, so if I eat a heavy lunch...Im screwed.


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Just made myself a Fried Egg, Ham and Cheese sandwhich for breakfast. I make the best. Lunch will be a 99 cent bag of Fritos and a 20oz diet Dew. I think supper tonight will start with a couple bottles of High Life when I roll in around 7:30 and then some of the wifes good cooking (microwaved of course!)


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You have to eat breakfast. I know, I hate it too. I just like my coffee. However, if you look at your body as a machine, it is not running efficiently without fuel. Eating in the morning starts the "machine" up so it can burn calories.

I recently lost 42 lbs. I did it by changing to whole grains wherever I could and eliminating sugar wherever I could. I read the labels on products like cereal and realized you can't trust the claims on the front of the box.

I have a relative who never ate b-fast, soda at lunch , heavy dinner and late night eating. He's my age (late fifties) and has had the knee replacements, the heart valve "stint" thing and weighs 325.

If you really want some good information, read the diet guidelines on the American Diabetes Assoc. don't have to be diabetic to follow a good plan.



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I always eat breakfast but I'm ready for more food by 9:30. If I don't have a ton of air stops I will get another breakfast when I get off the interstate before the Golden Arches switch from breakfast to lunch. Then I'm good till 13:30 or 14:00 and eat the fruit that's in my cooler. Dinner is usually between 19:00 or 20:00 reheated in the microwave. I only eat half as much as I did 20 years ago so maybe my age is catching up with me.


I live on coffee till I eat about 1:30 pm,then its usually my leftovers from the night before,pasta , rice or 2 samiches or a salad.Then I get home and drink beer till I`m ready to eat and die.How will this affect me in the long run Danny?I`ve been doing it 16 years.


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2 sausage biscuits from Ronald on the way to work.

coffee, coffee, coffee, and coffee

6" sub and a soft pretzel from Wawa around 11:00. Sometimes I'll skip lunch and eat peanut butter crackers for an hour or so.

water, water, water, and water


2 bananas around 4:30.

Spend any remaining lunch hour/break time reading educational magazines, Hot Rod, Super Chevy etc.

Dinner......depends on my family's social schedule. Either Fast Food or leftovers.


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easy diet-

16oz espresso coffee and one "instant mix with milk breakfast" in the AM
15 pieces of gum by noon
depending on the trip i'm doing, some sort of sandwich for lunch, otherwise i take a half hour nap
120 oz of gatorade consumed during the course of the day
finish work, go home and consume 2000 calorie dinner, fall asleep, repeat.

it's nice to trade in the old pants for something smaller


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I always eat one banana and a bowl of grits before I go at the door at 5:30 AM. I drink a large coffee during the ride to work.

Lunch for me is a ham sandwich and a candy bar under a shade tree somewhere. A bottle of Powerade washes it down. I usually save half of my sandwich to give to my dog when I get home, its the highlight of his day!

I snack all day on carrot sticks and strawberry licorice. I carry two Nalgene bottles of Powerade and try to drink water out of every water fountain I see.

I have a very large dinner when I get home, my wife loves to cook and is great at it. I try to get in bed by 10:00 on worknights, I get up about 4:45 AM since I started delivering Early AM before my regular start time. I try to eat well, I turn 48 Saturday and am weigh about 195. This job burns the calories off you.


golden ticket member far you win for the most balanced & sensible diet. Here's a suggestion.....put a slice of swiss on that ham sandwich and exchange the candy bar for a handful of almonds and a piece of fruit. Maybe a couple days a week that ham sandwich could be a turkey or chicken sandwich. I hope it's on whole wheat bread too.

You say you weigh 195.......if you're 4'11", you're in trouble. :)

Keep fuelin' that machine.......sensibly.

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As a diabetic at 42, I can tell you that we all need to change our dietary habits. When I worked twilight shift as a sup,I would eat whatever fast food was open at 1130 pm on my way home. Had a horrible diet, drank Budwieser as my choice of beers, and then the family genes kicked in to give me a wake up call.
I'm no expert, but I have learned that breakfast sets the tone for your day. Even if it's a banana or a piece of toast. Never eat white bread again, whole grain bread, pasta, brown rice. Diet soda. Regular is pure sugar with carbination. Fruits and veggies. But keep everything simple and in normal proportions. Try Bud Select or Mich Ultra. Not bad. Of course, drink that in excess.