The week after Christmas.

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    Was this week open for vacations/options in your center. It was blacked out in west Texas.
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    There where a couple of opening for the week after and the week of xmass in my center. I was going to bid one but for some reason when It was my turn to bid they blacked it out for no apparent reason. When I asked my Manager he really didn't have a good reason other than it was xmass. When I told him it been open the whole bid and all of a sudden you black it out is BS. He looked at me and said oh well. Then I took thanksgiving week off instead... It will be warmer in Florida in Nov any ways...

    Now the week of xmass they will just be asking people if they want days off because there will be no volume on the 26-27-and 28 then we will have a 4 day weekend and they will be doing the same on Jan 2, 3, and 4.
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  4. UPSmeoff

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    Since December and January technically share the first week of the new year, and there are no vacations allowed in December....There is your answer.

    It won't work in our favor again until January 2017.
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    It was open for bidding in my area. I didn't get down to me as many people work through it, to get the extra pay check to pay their property taxes. Not that I would have wanted it, but then more people should be able to bid until the full allotment of people that actually want to take the vacation has a chance to.
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    Actually that week generally is the first available week for next years vacations. So in November when you pick vacations for 2013 that week should be the first week open.
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    Company policy was changed last year. The last wee in december would take your first week of vacation of the next year. Idk why but there have been battles in our building over this. Union stood by management. Some back door deal I'm sure
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    In my area are vacation year runs May 1 - April 30. We pick are vacation for the next year in Feb and March.
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    It's very simple. If Christmas lands during the week like it does this year(Tuesday) the week is blocked for vacation. Last year it fell on Sunday so the next week was open.
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    of course it is were still allowed to have christmas week off. :hapydancsmil:
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    What does everyone expect the week after Xmas to be like? Still really heavy or almost back to normal?
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    I imagine there will be fewer packages loaded onto fewer package cars.
  13. Austin.Was.My.Hero

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    Compared to last week, yes.