Theme song for the next couple weeks

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  3. My friends and I all text the daily countdown until the investor meeting hoping to all hell we get bought out and leave this nightmare. Prior to working for FedEx, I thought it was a world class organization. What a friggin mess!!! These pigs are going to get what's coming to them.
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    I find this one more appropriate...


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    Okay, first one had embedding disabled. Here's my back-up.

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    That's 3:04 of my life I'll never get back.
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    Must not think much of your life to invest that much of it.:)
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    Can't say it's any better than the other nominees but here goes........The Doobie Brothers....... What a Fool Believes.
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    Found a better one guys.......... Jimmy Buffett ............ Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw.
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    If nothing else works try these: Tears for Fears/Gary Jules.....Mad World. Led Zepplin......The Song Remains the Same. Or Barry McGuire........ The Eve of Destruction.
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    My stations theme music is this all year around:

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