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I am 35. Thinking of making a career change to PT package handler and working my way up to driver. I have a decent paying job now but I am so unhappy and burnt out. I work for a casino.
I worked as a package handler 12 years ago but there is a bit of difference between 23 and 35. I know the wait for driver is long. Anyone have any suggestions? I need a career change. I would have to work another job for more income. I am spiritually unhappy working in the casino environment. Been there 10 years.


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Don't look for any spirituality as a package handler.
If you are willing to relocate, it's my understanding the company is needing full time pkg drivers and feeder drivers (sleeper teams and local) in various parts of the country. How one would access that information is beyond me.
Anyone with suggestions?


I had an interview for FT package driver yesterday. I was told it is only a casual seasonal position and it is tough to be hired as a FT driver from the outside. 5 of every 6 hired are from inside. So I declined. It sounds like a slim chance.


so often our need to pay bills takes priority over our search for spirituality.

I suppose one could have a spiritual moment as a package car driver. There were a few times when I looked in the back of my over stuffed car on a 100 degree day and cried out "my god why has thou forsaken me":lol:

there was a reason you left 12 years ago. Reach within yourself and find that 23 year old that left UPS 12 years ago. talk to him. The dissatisfaction you found then is still there. Meditate on it.


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Time changes many things... mgmt changes, employee faces change, etc... As a package handler, it is still going to be hard job, if not physically, definitely mentally. But as with most jobs, a lot of it depends on the individual and what you put into it. (We are not even going to talk about the employees that are lazy and don't hold their own weight.)

But aside form the hard work, the benefits for working part time is still better than working at most other part time jobs (of which just about all do not have benefits).

All in all, being a package handler will definitely be a career change. Especially for the pre-load shift... way early in the AM!!

Best wishes!


I wasn't dissatisfied with UPS. I moved and left the job for the wrong reasons. Consider yourself lucky to be a driver. Try working for a casino for 10 years dealing with the public. I'll reach a decision in time. I am really impressed with UPS. I wish I stayed where I was but live and learn.


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if you don't like working at a casino because of the public, pleasing and agreeing with the public is a driver's main concern. I don't see you as making it as a driver with your discern for the public.


I beg your pardon but there is a difference when the public is drinking alcohol and losing money from gambling, and receiving a package from UPS. You may want to do some research before you form an opinion.


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Lol...I just read your post...

I was 35 when I decided to change careers midstream and start over. I took a part time job with UPS in a small Texas town it sounds much like you are thinking of doing. I don't regret it. Most of all for me, I was a all commissioned salesperson, so the idea of a steady paycheck blew me away. But the benefits I am still amazed by...I sit here after having surgery 2 wks ago (still getting a disability check no cost 2 me) I worked hard, lost a lot of weight, and am in better shape than my whole life. in just a year I drive on saturdays, drive air regularly during week, and am treated well by all except for occasional old guy joke. People do get bitchy on occasion, but it comes with the job. I like it alot, and cannot wait to get more into driving. I do work a second job until then, but have not regretted it at all. Just keep your eye on the ball. Most of the guys are students, and do not want to stick arround, so if you let everybody know your intentions, good things can happen very quickly. good luck!


Thanks for your feedback. I really want to do the PT package handler. I would need another job to supplement my income. I'm working on a plan. I want to be a UPS driver....this seems the only sure way in.
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16 years ago I was in a going nowhere job, and one day our ups driver convinced me that at 35 I was still young enough to de a driver.Well it turns out he was right because I`m still at it and I`m 51 years old.
35 is not old,believe me,a lot can happen in just a few years.


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just one question - how does your body feel in the morning when you try to crawl out of bed? i've been a driver for 18 years and wish i would have continued my education instead. glad you are hanging in there - best of luck to u