This morning video of failure

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by gixxer squid, Dec 5, 2015.

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  2. gixxer squid

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    What a mess. 6000 DNA and counting in the terminal. 2000, yes, not a typo, 2000 from my HD buddy. Quite sad. He said that normally theres a 20-25% increase in volume in HD each peak but this year is double. There is absolutely no way even the best contractor in any terminal can plan for double the volume. His guys don't want to come back to the terminal to reload again. They are furiously working 7 days a week to catch up which aint gonna happen, going to go over DOT I am certain, fedex will turn a blind eye and act stupid and once again, BLAME the contractor since its his/her business.

    Dispatches the last few days have been right at the contracted 10 am when normally dispatch is around 8:30 ish. 20-25 stops can be completed in the 1.5 hours. And its only December 5.

    Hey FEDEX, right back at ya. "WHAT IS YOU F-ING PLAN?"
  3. MrFedEx

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    Can't watch it. Try to link it again.
  4. MrFedEx

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    The plan is that there is no plan. Get the popcorn, because this is getting good. I'm wondering how long before FedEx Corporate/Legal contacts you and tells you to stop spreading the truth. Keep it up.

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    Our last peak meeting the boys were getting restless complaining about not being able to afford to send guys out because of the lack of weekend volume. These are contractors that have been around for years. I, for the life of me, can't understand how some of them think. I haven't been doing this nearly as long but have vivid memories of suffering through awful days where I tell myself I would pay anything to avoid this situation. Maybe 40% of the trucks in the terminal went out today. Those guys that didn't go out are going to be in a world of hurt on Monday regardless if the volume ever comes. My employees love me because I am always one step ahead and willing to pay out of pocket to keep them from suffering. I have suffered out there right beside them. Everyone was given strict instructions today. Do not come back with anything. You are to attempt every box. They all understand I am paying them to go out today for their benefit, not mine. The other guys in the terminal that are looking at their numbers this morning and thinking how smart they were for not going out this weekend are the same ones I pilfer the best drivers from.

    In this business, you can make money and suffer mightily or pay more and minimize the pain.
  6. gixxer squid

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    Work now?
  7. gixxer squid

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    Your exactly right. Our breakeven is at the 70-75 stop range. Our guys will go out and maybe do 30-40 today. So bottom line, contractor has to swallow again. Our guys are tired, this is not an easy business. But as you say, Monday will be even worse. On the other hand, you could be like Bbsam and just say F it. My contract says 85% service and let it back up. I am with you, ease the pain if you have to.

    Well, as much fun as I am having here. Its time to go do so deliveries.....
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    The video seems to be Pre Load on the HD side. It's seems to be to organized to be packages left behind, but I could be wrong. I know of a few contractors in two different terminals failing but not that extend. We all are pushing long ass hours and its peak so it's expected. Projection are way off this year compared to the past. I believe next week is going to be tougher than this week and the week of the 17th will be when the :censored2: explodes.
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    Video shot after 6 pm. Lol. Does look like preload but it's not. No trucks park there so it's excess waste HD is having the most difficulties, ground is typical 20% more

    As soon as I get 10 bucks a stop I will start helping. Until then, I take care of my own stuff.

    One of my peeps has a DUI and delivering under someone else's badge to make it happen. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Sad but true
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  10. bbsam

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    Just to be clear, I am not saying "F it". All but one of my routes went out today and will get a fair amount done. But when Monday comes and service still sucks, I'm not about to get worked up over it. This time of year we are taking about 250 to 300 HD stops a day so if X is going to make a fuss about 40 Ground failures on a Monday, then the solution is simple: I'll handle just my contracted Ground volume and between the station and other HD contractors, they can figure out the rest. And no, the 250 HD stops are not all in a small 10 square mile area.:)
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    I heard today, that Monday they are pushing for a full service day, :censored2:s going to hit the fan! I also heard people from different terminals in the NE are going to the hub to help bail them out. It's going to get worse!
  12. gixxer squid

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    Well guess what

    The scabs are now doing deliveries. Terminal or X hired a temp company to start doing the volume. No work shirts or uniforms. In vans. Clueless as to what they are doing. Piss Es me off when we can't get drivers approved in a timely manner. Wonder if these guys passed all the background and hoops we gotta go through. Not only that, would love to know what they are getting paid cause sure as hell know it's not the peanuts we get. Infuriates me that all the sudden they have extra money to sub contract people that are lucky enough to be able to do 5 stops an hour. I can only imagine the scanner training. God forbid it locks up and a reboot necessary or the occasion COD. What the hell is wrong with the greedy ass clowns? Maybe they should jump in a truck in downtown SF and actually see what the real world is like!!!!!!!!!
  13. gixxer squid

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    My bad, I didn't mean F it literally. You service your area as contracted :)
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    Sounds like I got out just in time. Been putting up Xmas lights all day for the first time in years and drinking beer all day. Have fun boys!!!
  15. MrFedEx

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    Yes. Looks like a total cluster. Wait until it rains or snows (not where you are) and all of that crap will be soaking wet too. Great vid.
  16. fdxsux

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    Wait, I thought you guys were the scabs. I'm confused.
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  17. bbsam

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    Lol. Yeah. Pittsburgh crapped the bed and the stink is finally wafting up from under the covers.
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    Give it about 1 week and Express is totally screwed. Can't cover the stuff we have now. The psuenomie well soon hit express!
  19. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Left in building? lol
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