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    The other morning we had some air coming in late. The supes were adamant that we get out of the building and we will make meets and shuttle the air to your area. As we start leaving the building the air arrives and is running down the belt. We assume that the air is here, we should stay and take it along. Oh contraire. Go, Go we'll bring it out to you. Drivers left while the air was running right behind the cars. Turns out it is less important that our customers get their air on time or the drivers re-running their area and putting on extra miles than the drivers getting too much A.M. time for waiting in the building. A complete cluster because someone wanted to impress someone above them. CUSTOMERS PAY OUR WAGES YOU IDIOTS. Not the empty suit above you. In closing, keep those sales leads coming.
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    Hmmmm, I don't work in your building, but I definitely recognize the style.
  3. probellringer

    probellringer Member know ..whatevers harder....driver is always wrong/lying/getting over....--do as i say ...not as i do.... just like taking work off you in bldg-would be easier ....but no-do it on road .......just leave the bldg
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    Just remember the Golden Rule of UPS Management--its not what you accomplish that helps you get promoted, its how good you look on paper pretending to accomplish it. When the going gets rough and the pressure is on, just find yourself a statistic and start manipulating it.
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    In the case mentioned here, those decisions will not help the management team look good on paper.

    Service is measured on a "no excuses" basis. So, whether the air is late, or there is a weather problem, or the customer is closed, etc. late packages will count against the center.

    They are also measured on the number of packages delivered in an hour (known as NDPPH). If they generated extra hours or miles by their decision, this will make them look bad on paper.

    I'm not saying their decision was good. I don't know. Based on what is said here, it looks bad. If that's true, they didn't help themselves.

    Not all bad decisions are driven by bad intent. I've seen lots of good, honest people make stupid moves with the best of intentions.

  6. brownmonster

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    We have a new division manager.
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    Sounds like the typical UPS brain trust to me. Remember driver...........they make decisions, we make money
  8. soberups

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    It will help them look good on paper when somebody higher up on the corporate ladder decides that AM time is the new "flavor of the week." When the man upstairs decides that he wants a 10% reduction in AM time then by God we had better give him his number whether it makes any sense to do so or not.

    I too have seen lots of good, honest management people make stupid moves with the best of intentions, namely to save their own jobs by spoon-feeding their immediate superiors whatever numbers they happen to
    feel are important that day.

    We would be a stronger company if we focused less on manipulating statistics and more on managing the business.
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    Good one Feederdriver!!! "They make the decisions; we make the money!" Absolutely brilliant! And so true.
  10. rod

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    "They make the desisions; we make the money" makes Rod's list of Great UPS sayings. It ranks up there with "drives a desk" and one more that escapes me for the moment (gotta start writing these down):peaceful:
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    Sounds like a theme for a new thread!
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    You are absolutely correct that management generates statistics and is rewarded if those statistics change. Its also true that when the number becomes more important than the business element it was designed to measure, bad and/or useless behavior can occur.

    This dilemma is faced by all businesses, but all good businesses still must measure themselves. Proper measurement is a critical factor to success. You have to measure where you, know where you want to go, and measure progress.

    You may not be aware that UPS has changed how it measures operations and the change has been for the good. Rather than have a slew of measures which leaves it open to having a flavor of the month, UPS now has what's called a "balanced scorecard".

    It is a list of measures used by everyone, and the overall score dictates how well an individual center did. Included on the scorecard is service measures, performance measures, people measures, etc.

    Performance measurement is NDPPH. Its an overall statistic that includes all hours. If someone looks good in the AM (only), it no longer matters.

    Of course, someone will still create a flavor of the month. No one can stop that. However their overall measure will be the balanced scorecard.

    The example that started this thread had nothing to do with a manager trying to look good in AM time (as far as I can tell). Someone traded off AM hours vs. on road hours vs. service. If it caused a service problem, it will show up in the balanced scorecard. If it caused additional on road hours, it will also show up.

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    There must be one hell of a party with some hot VIPs once you guys leave.
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  15. Bryishre

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    Think about it. They get you out to run the air they have on you. The ones that make it before commit time the customers pay. Now the late air the customer gets there shipping cost refunded to them if they call it in. If you wait till all the air is on car you then you would have more late air and make less guarenteed money.
  16. trplnkl

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    That depends on why the air was late. Bad weather in places other than where you are can eliminate the guarantee.
  17. dilligaf

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    We had late air on W/Th. Told to sheet it 'weather'. Thought it funny because our weather has been beautiful.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The customers think the same thing yet they don't find it funny. I even had one walk to the window and ask me to show him the bad weather.
  19. trplnkl

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    Did you tell him that you can't see Louisville, Ky from where you were?
  20. trplnkl

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    Anytime we have late air we are told to record the exceptions as "other", they tell us the whole plane load is already noted as weather delayed.