This sure sounds like union thuggery to me.....

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    To hear a poster of late that seems to have a bur in his crack on unions, I am sure he will find a way to spin this development.

    But from my perspective, good for the company, good for the pilots.

    And this is what can happen when people actually work together for the good of both parties, instead of the hatred that has been posted.

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    Believe it or not, I actually agree with you; it was good for the pilots (saved 300 or so jobs, didn't it? Not sure I've read the particular article you've quoted yet) and UPS as well. But the bottom line was that either the pilots made some concessions, or a whole bunch of them were going to be furloughed. And I can't help but wonder if some of their conciliatory mood wasn't the result of experience gained when the contract was last amendable, when (from what I gather) UPS took a rather hard-core stance and basically said "if you walk, keep on walking...we'll be replacing".

    A lot of the IPA guys were highly militant going into that negotiation; abusively so, in many cases. But, as time wore on, they realized that (1) there were a lot of other competent pilots seeking jobs out there, along with wet lease aircraft able to haul UPS's air and (2) as much as they might flap their wings, they needed someone to provide them with aircraft if they wanted to fly. Nor did they fail to realize that piloting for UPS (along with FedEx) is considered about the best jobs a pilot (at least a more senior one) can hope for these days. Didn't take much perusing of sites like Airline Pilots Central Forum and looking at the job market generally to figure that one out.

    That said, I commend the pilots for realizing the reality of their situation. A lot of unions could learn something from their example.
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    UPS and the Independent Pilots Association (IPA) reached an innovative tentative agreement today that averts any immediate furlough of our pilots.

    Earlier this year, UPS reviewed volume reductions and the need to furlough pilots. IPA’s leadership offered to identify ways to cut operational costs. UPS and the IPA subsequently agreed on cost-cutting targets totaling $131 million over the next three years. Without immediate cost-cutting, we would have had to indefinitely furlough 300 pilots.

    Using a variety of voluntary steps, the IPA to date has identified savings totalling approximately $90 million dollars pending final calculations. Although the full three-year goal was not reached by last week’s original June 2 deadline, UPS and the union have agreed there will be no furloughs through April 1, 2010, and that the IPA will continue to work this year to produce additional savings.

    Voluntary pilot savings generated later this year could eliminate the proposed layoffs entirely. Based on the Memo of Understanding, the company also has the right to reevaluate the possibility of furloughs if additional flight reductions occur in the future. Should this occur, UPS and the IPA plan to meet again to discuss the mitigation of possible future furloughs.

    The savings have been produced through voluntary programs such as pilots taking short- and long-term leaves of absence; military leaves; job sharing; reductions in flight pay guarantees; early retirement, and sick bank contributions. We are confident we can achieve the total savings goal.

    This is another example of UPS working with its unions to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. The agreement will help ensure our company remains strong through this economic downturn and is positioned to emerge even stronger when the economy rebounds.

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    Interesting thread name Danny.
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    Ah yes, but no venomous hatred. Did you notice?:happy-very:

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