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    Friday morning I was doing my usual walk around the building with a clip board and flashlight. This is all PE mechanics do after all, right. Well anyway, I happened to be doing this strenuous task when a part-timer and a part-time sup crossed my path during the preload break. I happened to hear what was said between them and I have to share it here. The part timer was walking toward the offices and asked this sup who was walking the other way, if her paycheck was down at the offices. The sup said "don't waste your break on that, I'll get it and bring it to you. She was very appreciative of this. Don't get all misty on me but I thought the only way to describe this is human. I have seen very little of this at work recently. It was just a simple gesture to a person. Now I always thought this guy to be a little bit of a clown but I always noticed that his people like him. I know him personally and he has been shafted by his management numerous times. I will have a hard time viewing him as a clown anymore but probably not as hard of a time as he will have advancing in this company treating his people this way. Like they are human. :thumbup1: to him anyway!
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    I have noticed the exact opposite.
    Supes that work with their people and treat them like humans usually don't last very long or move upward.
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    I'm at a loss for words with this post so just have a safe week.
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    Brought a tear to my eye...
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    you know him personally but did not know he was a nice guy. but you did know that management has screwed him over numerous times because you know him personally.
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    Tie must you always try to find something wrong with everything? Oh wait, I forgot, thats what you have been taught all these years at UPS, sorry keeep up the good work.
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    grg I noticed you did not ask pepro the same question? was that a little personal bias on your part?

    I found it odd that pepro would claim to know a part time sup personally and thus claim to know the guy had been screwed over by ups several times . Yet in knowing the part time sup personally he apparently did not know that the sup was a nice guy.

    perhaps instead of taking a biased attack here you could educate me on this . How does someone know someone personally and yet not know the persons personality traits only his career struggles?

    I'll await your answer , I'm sure the soft shoe will be very entertaining.
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    This thread should be put in a toilet and flushed and sent on it's way.
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    Why? What is your problem with this thread? Feel free not to read.
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    I just don't think it's going to go in a positive direction that all no disrespect.
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    I haven't been here long but most discussions that a certain unnamed bullying troll gets involved with don't. Haven't you noticed? It would be nice if the OP was read, thought about and then the topic replied to. Instead attack, attack, attack. I hope no one on here feels to great about attacking me because I am only a decent paycheck and good health benefits away from being a complete vocational failure. Whatever!:blink:
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    God bless
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    as a poster here you have decided to make some major critical assessments of your operation with a scathingly critical eye that often takes trivial issues and makes major events out of them. when you share that information here I have a choice. I can not read your posts or I can tell you that I think its all bull****. for now I'm going to ask why your bull**** appears to be bull**** and see how you answer the question. If you don't like people responding to your posts then you should probably not make the post. Once you do its fair game.

    back on topic.

    you state you know the guy personally

    you claim to know the guy personally and therefore know he has been screwed over several times in his career.

    yet you did not know the guy well enough to know he was a nice guy?

    It smells like BS, it looks like BS and the flies landing on it think its real bs. Perhaps I missed something. explain please.
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    here again to your point I did exactly what you claim to be asking for. I read it and asked questions directly related to your post. Yet your unable to answer the questions. did you think about locking yourself in a closet and talking to yourself. You'll find you rarely disagree with yourself?
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    replace "she" with "he" in the story, and you get a PT sup saying "get back to work breaks over, your check is in the office but it's locked right now".

    I'm glad you got a warm fuzzy feeling from that moment, however tell me I am wrong... all I see at work is gender bias...
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    I did not say he was a nice guy. Did I say he was a nice guy?:no: