Time Traveling Pickups?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Ivan Kov, Aug 17, 2018.

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  1. Ivan Kov

    Ivan Kov New Member

    I dropped my package off at 8:45pm at an access point.

    I check the tracking the next day.

    It shows I dropped it off at 8:45pm. Next it says it was picked up by UPS at 8:30pm.

    What's going on here?
  2. The Driver

    The Driver I drive.

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  3. ManInBrown

    ManInBrown Well-Known Member

    Sounds like your package time traveled. No biggie. Happens all the time
  4. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    And we're not even gonna charge you extra for that!
  5. Wally

    Wally BrownCafe Innovator & King of Puns

    We manipulate numbers.

    BSWALKS Almost Honest

    Order tomorrow, we'll get it there yesterday.

    We're that good.
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  7. clean hairy

    clean hairy Well-Known Member

    If it was picked up by a person in a Delorean, the flux capacitor may have malfunctioned sending it back to the future?
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  8. oldngray

    oldngray nowhere special

    UPS does tack on a Plutonium surcharge for temporal service.
  9. Operational needs

    Operational needs Virescit Vulnere Virtus

    Shenanigans and falsification. Don’t worry, FedEx and the USPS use the same tactics.
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  10. If you dropped it off at 8:45 PM it did not get picked up that day.
  11. KOG72

    KOG72 I’m full of it

  12. Box Ox

    Box Ox Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the access point was caught in a temporal anomaly. Your package is going to have to fight its way out of an alternate timeline to get that pickup info corrected.
  13. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    What do you care! It got picked up didn't it.

  14. Johney

    Johney Well-Known Member

    Can't really be that simple? Can it?
  15. Why not? It would never make it back to the building on time to get processed if it got picked up that late.
  16. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    There is a sticky at the top of the forum that answers this very question.
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