To all those who want to vote YES on the proposed contract...

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by blue efficacy, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. blue efficacy

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    Please remember that this is an early agreement, and a NO vote will not lead to a strike or anything necessarily. There is nothing to lose by voting no, they have plenty of time to renegotiate. Any new deal that would come after being soundly rejected by us, the UPS laborers, would no doubt be better. UPS doesn't want a strike and neither do we.

    Vote no, give them time to get it right. You have nothing to lose. It's not like UPS will come back with a worse offer. And if they did, there is still plenty of time for them to get it right after it's rejected by a higher margin.

    August 1 is a long ways away :)
  2. MR_Vengeance

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    never say yes to the first offer, unless it's cash.........:laugh:
  3. nhguy

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    blue efficacy,

    What makes you think the next offer would be better. What if the cost to UPS to get out of CS goes up to 8 billion, do you really think your going to get more?

    It doesn't sound to me that the teamsters are doing a good job explaining the nuts and bolts or the importance of saving this pension fund.

    The problem you have is that 43,000 of the total are the ones having their futures saved. If you want to throw them under the bus for the rest of their lives go ahead and vote no. The Union was in a very bad bargaining position in this negotiations. You can argue all you want about who's to blame but the reality is you are paying for the miss guidance you recieved from Ron Carey when he put everyone out on strike. The company new two contracts ago that this was heading to this point sometime soon. Let's fix it and hope for better deals down the road.

    Remember the big fish always eats the little ones
  4. 1timepu

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    Why is it do you think you are going to get a better deal?? the new pension rules take affect this Febuary, so your clock of August 1st is wrong, let it go past that date and UPS faces big fines for not having the pension sytem fully funded, you think after they pay those fines they will come back with a better offer?
  5. Tackleberry

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    I am vested in Central States and will be voting no. This contract won't save the Central States portion of my pension even if the contract passes exactly as written. UPS will offset the CS portion that is due to me and if CS goes under they won't make up the difference. There is no reason to screw over other UPSers for this crappy deal.

    Forgot to add: at least if the government gets involved the books will have to be opened and we can see anyone from the Teamsters or UPS needs to be doing some jail time.
  6. sendagain

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    Yeah, be like those people on Deal or no Deal who can't possibly imagine they are going to flush a great deal down the toilet, then collapse in despair when they end up going home with five or ten dollars in their hand. Remember what happened to the grocery store workers a few years back when they got shoved out for months without pay. How many years does it take just to get you back to where you started before you got greedy?
  7. Tackleberry

    Tackleberry New Member

    As long as I can have five dollars and someone in jail for mismanaging my retirement, then so be it.
  8. Keepingthemhonest

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    Ditto. Many in the CS fund feel the same sentiment. No one should feel like they have to vote yes to bail out us CS’ers; you aren't doing us any favors. There are too many concessions in this contract proposal that set precedence for UPS to have an even stronger foothold in the future and ambiguities for abuse. Vote no!
  9. Leftinbuilding

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    If you think a "no" vote will not lose us volume, then you need to get someone else to do your thinking for you. Our shippers couldn't care less about your pay, retirement or anything else. They want to know their pkgs will get to their customers. If we give them a reason to think we can't do it they are gone. This is a new environment and I am glad the negotiators recognise the situation. Don't cut off your own nose.....
  10. dnote

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    We walked the line in 97 for what the union wanted the country to see as a fight for PT workers.What it really was for was to keep our pention away from the company.Now look,the guarantee in Article 40 I believe is gone and look who has a foot in the door for the pension.VOTE NO! A no vote is not a strike vote just a signal to go back and get it right.
  11. Stiflersmom

    Stiflersmom New Member

    For many reasons, this is a no-brainer. Vote NO! as many times as you can!!!!
  12. zippo

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    For many reasons this is not a no-brainer. Please list your concerns instead of making this kind of dismissive statement. It doesn't tell anyone anything other than you think we should all just drink the koolade and vote with you because you say so.
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  13. Brown too long

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    Blue is absolutely correct. 36 years in CS and that is more than a few contracts. Have seen and heard it all many times before. The contract language is a loser for drivers and part timers. If we can get just a few changes and get rid of the six month delay crap I could live with it. It will be sweetened if we dig in and not be stampeded. If not we can always vote yes at a time before Aug 1. This is not a strike vote!! It is a vote on whether or not to keep the two sides talking. Aug 1 is a long time away. I want them to talk a little while longer. One mans opinion.
  14. zippo

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    I agree Leftinbuilding.
  15. DiadDude

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    Maybe I'm naive here, but I don't believe the company will be fined. It seems like the ultimate outcome if this is not settled soon would be that UPS would have to increase contributions OR CS would have to be restructured to reduce the payouts and bring them in line with the cash flow.
  16. brazenbrown

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    Your 3rd post...congrats!!

    Did you register to add your opinions to a growing and thriving website about UPS or to make a statement about how to vote NO because it's your religous duty??

    Had the pension issue been resolved 10 years ago we'd be in much better shape now..Instead we had a union leader, Ron Carey with a chip on his shoulder and it's even more screwed up.

  17. Steward773

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    Looks like there are 2 groups that would benefit from this contract. The company, and short timers in the cs fund. Read through the whole contract, if you read something that doesn't seem it again. Make a list of the pros and cons. And remember, if all those who came before us didn't stand tall and fight we wouldn't have what we have today.
  18. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    Hey Stew,
    You forgot to post about the long timers that are stuck in CS with 40% present reductions in their future pension and the real possiblity that ERISA will step in and reduce ALL retirees benefits down.
    How do the short timers win in the CS fund?
  19. 1timepu

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    oh man you must be a fedex or dhl or crazed postal worker
  20. Braveheart

    Braveheart New Member

    I am also in CS and will be voting no! Too many contract changes that weaken our rights and strengthen theirs to use against us!!