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    hello everyone!

    So I've been a PT package handler since last August and was asked if I was interested in becoming a PT Supervisor. At first I was like...Me? what the? Anyway, After driver helping peak, I really got a feel for what you drivers go through and the bs that comes along with it. I met some really cool drivers who all had different opinions/concern about the way things were ran at our REALLY small hub. So I thought to myself, "Damn, wish I could help out all the drivers, other than those whose trucks I load"

    Yes, I know drivers make a ton more than I do. But I also understand that they have dedicated blood, sweat, and tears to the job and have lost some valuable time that no amount of money can buy back. I want to hopefully move up to management some day to just be able to help and get the job done. Currently in college btw, will be done next year.

    I know the position is salary and I would get out of the union. However my hub manager told me that if I have to work more than the 27 1/2 I get salary for, that I will get paid for it. Is this true? Than why not make the PT supervisors hourly instead? is OT the reason? Also, whats PT Supervisor check look like (about)

    Im hoping you guys can give me some advice.
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    I just received a $94 grievance check because of supervisors that want to "help get the job done". My advice? Don't do it if you plan to stick around.
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    ^what did they do wrong?
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    There are about a billion posts about stuff like this here already....but I'll chime in...

    PT supervisor is the most abused position in management. There is no denying that. But it also depends on your location and who you work for. Being in a small package center could mean that things would be a bit calmer and less chaotic. Less chances to be broken in half by 30 different upper management barking orders.

    You will have very limited authority, which means you won't be able to make many of the decisions that you would want to in order to 'help them drivers'. Your mental toughness and skin thickness will be tested from both directions quite harshly. You will get little respect from the hourlies (though, it IS possible to earn it), and be the catch-all for the poop that runs down the management hill.

    The pay is a combination of hourly and salary. You will get no less than 27.5 hours, but anything beyond that is paid by the hour. I'm not sure what PT sups start at these days...probably in the $14-$15/hr range (it's based off whatever you are making per hour when you get promoted). The primary reason they pay per hour for your OT is because that's the most fair way to do it. In the past, it used to be one flat rate, whether you worked 1 hour or 3.

    If you are up for it, go for it. If you want to work your way up the ladder, then do it. There's lots of negativity on these boards towards having inspirations for a management career. All I say is take those opinions with a grain of salt but use them to assess your particular circumstances. This company needs good people in management, but they aren't really putting much effort towards securing them....
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    You can't do union work as a part-time sup. Even if you are "just helping for a minute". I'm assuming this is pretty close to the reason he is speaking of...
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    PT supervisors are not allowed to work per the contract agreement between the teamsters and ups. Only a select few cases where supervisors are allowed to work, but pt sups throughout the company have gotten so used to working any time they or management feels like it. The whole package handling process is suppose to be handled by members of the teamsters and supervisors are not in this union, therefore if they are working and taking work from teamsters then the teamsters can file a complaint (grievance) against it and get paid for what work the supervisor did. Management wants their shift to wrap cleanly and in as short of time as possible so supervisors working is certainly not frowned upon by management, but it goes against the contract agreement. It will never change so teamsters that want some money can file the grievance for it.

    Ive had supervisors that refuse to work unless its absolutely necessary and I had alot more respect for them then I did for supervisors that work most of the day. Its so bad with some supervisors that they just cant keep their hands off of boxes even when their entire area is clean. Management likes a grease monkey that they can tell to do whatever they want, rather then hiring another union backed teamster to provide the help.
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    ^yeah I heard about that.

    so sups arent supposed to help at all those that get hit really bad? wouldnt that increase the chances of misloads?

    Our hub is really small. Theres about 10 ppl who load the trucks and like 4/6 that unload and scan. So yeah our sups tend to help because theres no way around it.
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    I know your not looking into being a driver but to give u an idea of what supervision is. Had an OMS I knew pretty good become a driver sup. he quit after a few months because " I can't knowingly screw u guys everyday the way they want me to. I never understood all the driver complaining and I thought I could fix it but they won't let us fix it. "
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    ^That's terrible :(

    I guess that's how big companies stick around for so long..
  10. rod

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    Easy way around it would be to hire enought help to load the trucks or maybe even (how dumb of me to even suggest this) turn the belt speed down a notch or two. Its just easier to keep things as is and if the troops aren't filing on the sups working then thats their problem.
  11. Brownslave688

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    They need to hire more people that's the way around it. You need to be filing on them working.
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    ^See thats the thing. I dont think new hires are told what happens after they pass their 30day probation period. I was only told I was part of the union and that it was a long process for me to get fired.

    nothing was specified about Sups taking work from PTs. I found out about it through a fellow "Teamster" whos been there for awhile.

    I think the hiring process has to go beyond the "tour" they give because it has nothing to do with what really goes on
  13. LongTimeComing

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    The only time it's ok for the PT sups to jump in is if the management team has exhausted all means of trying to get help. Considering how small your center is, this is a simple process. First, move people to the work. If employee #8 is getting swamped and #3 and #4 aren't doing anything...move them to help. If every employee in the building is swamped, then there is a call list the management needs to go by. Again, with how small your building is, there probably isn't much of a list. After those things fail to produce a bargaining unit, then it is perfectly OK for the PT sup to work. It's not like you can hire someone in the middle of a sort. And it's not always justified that you need to hire anyone because of a spurratic jump in flow one or two days a week. Your particular circumstance is sort of in a bubble, because the true problem is that, for the most part, PT sups work because the lack the ability to manage. They are too timid or scared to move people. They don't know how to go about the call list. etc etc. But again, in your building, any grievance is probably going to have a hard time sticking.
  14. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    You understand that's not in ups best interest. They want you to come in as dumb as possible so that they can mold u. Why would they tell u that sups can't work?

    I do agree though that the union has got to do a better job informing the work force. Now some people want nothing to do with filing grievances or anything with the union. The bigger problem though is just the total lack of knowledge within the ranks. This falls on all of us that do have knowledge to pass it on.
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    In my experience the policy was to not hire enough hourly people to get the job done then use that as an excuse to have sups work because there were no bargaining unit employees available. And do everything possible to discourage people filing grievances.
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    I commend you helping. Don't become a sup. It's a job sent from devil herself and will twist you in ways you can't imagine. If you're all for it and are meant to be a supervisor or are going to continue in a career that requires skill sets from a managerial skill set then sure. Why not? But if you want UPS to be a career for you then stay part time. 7/10 sups I know wish they'd stayed union.
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