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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ups clerk, May 19, 2013.

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    I read on that the Louisville stewards unanimously voted to reject the contract. That is all well and good and very encouraging, but my question was, what was the BA's opinion on the contract? Did they support the stewards or told them to pass the word to vote YES on the contract.

    What was the feeling of the BA's at your contract meeting you guys attended. Mine is June 2 and if the BA's tell us to vote for it, by sugar coating it, saying it is a good contract, they will be booed out of the room. The rank and file is not stupid by any means.

    I got a recorded message from hall, as I am sure you all did. As soon as he said, something along the lines of, Vote for the contract, it is the best one we have had so far, I hung up on him, highly insulted.

    I have a feeling hall ordered his BA's all over the country to make sure this contract is passed, to sell it however they can, which means that those rallies hall had all over the country, was a farce. And I actually believed in him when I attended that rally.
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    Yes good deal
  3. srvhero

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    This TA is sub par. I strongly feel we can do better. It is amazing to me that hall feels as if this is as good as it gets. We need to send a message, and vote NO.
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    Yes, good deal, meaning the BA's thought it was a good deal or a good deal for you, which you are entitled to your opinion. If it was the BA's opinion what was the reaction from those who attended.
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    Well, those that are ONLY looking at the economic portions will vote yes. I, however, refuse to sell myself short like that and am voting no.
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    Vote NO!!
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    our meeting was yesterday and it appeared that our BA was trying to sell it.

    I was so disgusted I walked out.
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    Ba's endorsed it and the members seem to like it. We are already in central states. We are losing nothing. Our retiree's get dental and vision now. This is something that has never happened. Medical goes up every year in the United States. It's out of control. This was an out for ups and the teamsters.

    The accounting liability for ups and the extra 140000 members in cshf will improve the buying power for all members and the fifty thousand or so part timers who don't use the medical at all will greatly strengthen the fund. Is it the best thing since sliced bread? Maybe not but it was something the company was adamant about (accounting liability).

    The company will keep you in their fund if you vote it down you know right. You will just pay about 25 bucks a week out of your check.
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    The economics look good for full time drivers but sh**********tty for part timers
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    If we go on strike do you think the general public will support us?? This is just a question not a pissing match.
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    If you are read the MOU for each article, you will vote yes.
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    two word's...........RECORD PROFIT$............
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    instead of UPS bailing out the Central States once again, it will be the members of the superior Western Conference doing it. I would agree if Western Conference would take over Central States.
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    Yes I can see why you would enjoy this contract in the central states It has a lot to offer you including upgrades like the last contract where your pension fund was bailed out Because it was so poorly underfunded But We stood By Your side And pass the contract to help you You also Enjoy low cost of living in that area And there is less than a dollar difference and hourly wages between the central states and California If you were to take 40 hours times are hourly rate we qualify for low income housing The one thing we enjoyed was our UPS medical plan And now we need you to stand behind us And vote no on this contract I know if this contract dose passThere will be a push to get away from the international Contract We here in California have done nothing but lose On every contract since Now it's time for you the central states to show support for us who live in a high cost of living area and our going to be forced to pay for healthcare And we can barely afford to pay the mortgage and or rent Here The average rent for two bedroom apartment 1800.00 a month Rent for a house $2600 a month The teachers have failed to get cost-of-living increases every contract Please vote no on this contract we need your help
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    The central states health fund is completely seperate from the central states pension fund. We were in central states pension fund and it went to :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: this is true. Central states health has 19 months of reserves and its the most solvent of all the union funds. Look it up.
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    Good for you, Orangputeh....I hope that will be the reaction when I and other members attend our own meeting. Another thing to worry about, the last two contracts we had, Sort Managers and managers were giving PCM's on trying to talk us into voting for the contract. When that happens and I am sure it will happen this time, that should give out alarm bells to everybody showing that the company and the union are bed usual.
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    The central states pension fund wasent bailed out it was bought out. Now I'm in the only union pension fund that tips 103.61% funded. Lol. The next best is 74% funded. We were bought out not bailed out. Learn your definition.
  19. The Other Side

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    407, my problem with you and your opinions, is that you CLEARLY dont understand how the process of insurance works. Yes, you are already in an inferior health plan (compared to us on UPS plans) and you are comfortable with that. YOUR locals negotiated that POS for you years ago, and you accepted it. The rest of us are NOT like YOU. We do not want to take this lying down.

    What I see as YOUR confusion over the health care debate, is that you dont understand the difference between FRONT LOADING and BACK LOADING of a health plan.

    For guys like you, you SEE, NOTHING UP FRONT and you get all excited!! What great news! BUT, what you dont see, is the BACK LOADING, higher deductibles, larger copays, larger participation percentages and reduced coverage with caps.

    You CHOSE to pay on the backside vs paying up front.

    Today, if given a choice, UPS's last offer of 20/40/60 isnt a bad idea for those of us on company plans when you compare that to having to pay OUT OF POCKET on the backend and reduced coverage.

    For me, I'd gladly pay the $40.00 a week ( now ) and maintain my current benefits while you are stuck having to get a second job to cover the copays and deductibles and 20%.

    If that makes you happy, then maintaining my benefits at a small cost while you suffer the financial loss makes me happy.

    I could care less about the central states funding status. Skimming money off of my contribution paid by the company to give me an inferior plan so guys like you can cheer for accounting is something WE will not support.

    If you and DAVE want to deliver pizzas on weekends in order to cover your childs surgery , then be my guest and dont be late with my pizza.


  20. BrownFlower

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    I was drinking the coolaid too. I worked really hard making sure that rally was jammed packed with part time employees, just so that they could be lied to and filled with empty promises.

    Ouch! my butt hurts