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    Quick question about a possible transfer. I have worked the ramp in Louisville for five years and would like to move to Cleveland and keep my UPS job. Any hints or experiences in a transfer like this? My only thing is I would not want to lose my pay grade. Seniority the type of job would not matter. Thanks
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    I Looked into that several years ago when both my parents were in bad health, You would have to quit and get re-hired with recomendations from your old boss, you would loose all seniority. I did the leg work and got the two bosses to talk to each other but the best I could get was full time package car to part time pre-load, again starting over with zero seniority. I could not take that much of a financial hit. Have your HR cal cleavland Hr and set it up. with the cleavland area being so large I am sure you could find something, I think if you are part time your seniority and benefits will go with you
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    It isn't going to happen unless you quit and get rehired at the other location and than your going to start at the bottom again. You can talk to your HR person and the 2 different bosses till your Blue in the face it not there call the contract doesn't allow it and the union wouldn't allow it to happen...
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    I thought if you are going to go to school or are in school you could transfer? Hint ask about that then enroll then drop I'd you don't want to go to school! Just an idea
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    That only applied to part timers. Even then the building has to have a spot for you and they have to accept you. Also you have to be enrolled in a qualifying school which mean you have to have paid already. If you drop out you don't get your money back.
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    It all depends on the local...We can transfer out here for any reason or no reason, an keep our company seniority, just not hub seniority.
  7. UPSGUY72

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    You fall under the western rider. The location that fall under that rider are the only one given that opportunity....