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I was just wondering if there were any other "transitioned" employees out there. I had been doing the same job for approx. 6 yrs. then I was "transitioned" into the local union doing the same job. (Revenue Recovery) Even though I started at UPS in 1988 my seniority date is now 2003. Also lost a weeks vacation which was given back to me after I reached 15 yrs. Now UPS is trying to take away sick and personal days they feel were given in error. Just wondering if anyone else was having these problems. Thanks.

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You have to supply more info if you want an honest answer. UPS has different agreements with the Teamsters all over the country. Tell us what district you are in, or which local you belong to, and maybe you can get an accurate answer.

You have had your HR person and your Union rep explain why your benefits have changed?

First stop is with the company, they are the ones paying you. Someone should be able to explain it to you in a way you can understand.


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sorry, I guess I just assumed this has happend to all Revenue Auditors. I am in Central PA. I was in a non-union job which UPS then made a union job. All the benefits changes, the pension, 401K etc. were explained and put in writing. As I said, they did take away a week of vacation, but I got that back after 15 yrs of svc. (as non-union you got 4 wks after 10 yrs). When they tried to say we weren't eligible for sick and personals this yr. after getting them for the past 3 yrs. that was just wrong. But, now tonight, they changed their minds again and said we would be getting them. I will believe it when I see them on my paycheck I guess. Throughout the whole deal, UPS blames the Union and the Union blames UPS. Same old story. The other thing was the seniority issue. Going from almost 18 yrs to 3 yrs. I understand that I didn't have Union seniority, I had UPS (employment?) seniority. It just sucks to be with a company that long and then have it pulled out from under you. But, on the bright side, I now get Union raises which are more in one yr. than probably 3 yrs as non union. So I guess I'll quit complaining. Thanks for listening.


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I think you should talk with your HR person. If I am not mistaken you have a vested pension (15 years) with UPS as a non-union employee. You now also have 3 years towards a Union pension so if you stay at least 2 more years, you will be vested in a Union pension and collect both at retirement.

As to you seniority, if they had to switch you to a union position I would think you are at or near the top of that seniority list.


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My husband was in the same position in 1987 when the Clerks were taken into the Union. He had 17+ years at UPS. At that time it was as if he was a "new hire". His UPS Retirement benefit was frozen at the 1987 rates, $30 for each year of employment about $500 which he will receive at retirement age apart from the Union Pension. There are some reciprocal agreements that recognize years of service as a whole and pay according to years in each plan, but there is no reciprocal for the clerks. You can call your local and you may be able to get clarification, or you may not. We tried for 10 years to get answers. You can't get a straight answer out of either UPS or Teamsters, because frankly they don't know. I had to read my Teamster and UPS benefit books up and down. There is a lot of conflicting information.

His Seniority, Vacation Time, Sick Days, Personal Holidays all remained the same. The only change was his health benefits and of course his Union retirement time began. If I'm not mistaken he was automatically vested in the Union plan because of his previous service. We are in Local 391 in NC. Hope this may be of some help.


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Thanks preload35. I have been "sitting" on this for 3 years. But now it's time for some answers. You are right...UPS says ask the Union, the Union says ask UPS. I get tired of going in circles but now it's time to get some answers. Especially on the retirement issue. Being part-time though, I thought UPS handled the pension not the Union. It is something I definetly need to look into though so I have the facts. Thanks again. I will keep you updated.


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Get answers on paper, some union pension and some UPS pensions are not recipircal of each other. I have 14yrs in one and 20 yrs in another and looks like 10 to go.:mad:


Are you willing to give up such a big chunk of your life for nothing? We are still fighting UPS and the union to get our seniority back. We were told we would be grandfathered in just like everyone taken in the past. Turned out to not be true and have been jerked around ever since by the company and the union, losing positions, vacations and option days.


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Request a meeting with your District Labor Manager and Business Agent. And I would suggest a group meeting to get your concerns resolved. The revenue auditors job was a condition of the last contract.