Trying to go full time.

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  1. Tryingtomakeit

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    I have been a part time employee for a little over 7 years. If I were to get a full time combo job inside the hub, does anyone know what would my pay rate be?
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    start- $15/hr
    year 1 - $16/hr
    year 2-$17/hr
    year 3-$20/hr
    year 4- top rate

    assuming inside only, not a air/inside combo. Current top rate is $28.14.

    If your PT inside rate is higher, you will be red-circled or red lined (whatever you'd like to call it) at your current rate.
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    How can anyone that has been at UPS for 7 years not know what the FT payrate is or who they should ask???

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    There lazy they want someone else do the work for them. It takes time to open up a contract book or look at it online than you have to find the Article and Section that covers your question than you have actually read that section to find the answer.
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    I must admit...

    For most of my 9yrs here as a PT'er i was going to college fulltime and also working a second job....

    I treated ups as a gym membership.... w/ med benefits... lol

    I had no clue about most of the rules and contract mumbo jumbo.... just like other PT'ers

    Less Runnin, More Stunnin
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    Going to school full time and working two part time jobs? Same situation I'm in now. Am not going to lie, it gets tough sometimes.
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    We all did it but we didnt go to a forum to ask question about a job that you work at

    But then again most of us was working at ups before forums caught on (feeling old)