tuition reimbursement ?

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    so they only approve reimbursement for "work-related" courses, which would be what exactly? i didn't know you could a degree in ways to screw people ...

    i'm thinking of completing some cisco certifications at the local community college, but i'm not sure if they're covered.. also they have a decent gym there but you need to be enrolled in a class to use it... if i know the money is coming out of fred's pockets, why shouldn't i try to use up as much as i can?
  2. cisco and gym are not covered. They mean business admin or the like. Bro, get you's a CCNA then get the F out. CCNA is where its at. Cant go wrong with business admin or related, especially if daddy Fred is paying.
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    Did you ask? I know a courier getting reimbursement for his piloting classes.
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    You can get reimbursed for anything, so long as you can argue how it will benefit/support your career advancement with the company, as well as how and why it will be of use to Fedex. I was able to get full tuition reimbursement for my degree in environmental science (which isn't on the approved list), but it took about 6 pages of convincing to whatever department approves it. As long as you can find some way in which it relates to ANY position within the company, your pretty much good to go.

    I will say this...There are very few paying env. positions (3 I think) within the company, most of which reside in the ivory tower. Based on this and the fact that the odds are stacked against me ever seeing one of those seats, most of what I wrote was argued based on the smoke and mirrors campaign regarding how "green" the company is. By the time I was done writing, to deny me tuition would have basically been like them saying our whole "green theme" is a load of B.S. (which we all know it is anyways). Just choose your wording carefully and take your time doing it....if you really want it, you will get it ;)


    A guy in So. Florida I know, got approved for Accent Reduction classes in a local university. He claimed he wanted to get into management, (which he wasn't), and his strong Portuguese accent will not allow him. He got reimbursed for all the classes he took, no problem.
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    Go to keyword: "Tuition" from the homepage.....the whole list of approved courses/degrees is on there.