two trailers inside one?

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    Just curious to see if anybody else at any other center is noticing this. Now I'm down here in Miami at a small center in homestead and I know for the past few years during our peak season we would get 53 foot or even 60 foot trailers b/c of the volume. But over the past month we've been getting them almost everyday, at least 4 53 footers and today a 60 footer that the shifter had trouble pulling out after it was unloaded. Now I know larger centers are use to these beasts. Hell it's not too long ago where we just started getting 4 can air trailers vs just 2 cans. I asked a supervisor about it this morning and he said they were trying to reduce cost with the rail yard or something to that affect. But if anyone else could give some insight on this, I'd love to hear it.
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    60 foot trailers? I haven't seen anything like that. The 53s have been showing up a lot for the last year or so. My Hub's yard isn't really wide enough to handle them. I have seen our Shifters and Feeder drivers having a time pulling them out of their parking spots. Its like parking two P-1200 across from each inside of the building, screws up the whole operation.
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    They're pretty regular at my hub. We get about 25 trailers a night and 2 are usually 53 footers
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    53" is the majority now and we have trouble with them even in a yard our size. 60'? Never seen or heard of that. Pretty sure it would violate many single trailer length laws.
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    We get about 35-40 trailers a night, run 10 bays and 2 of them are not set up for the 53 footers. but we get anywhere between 5-15 a night. Our shifter and the feeder drivers are pretty good with them. What we had trouble with was the drop trains. I am soo glad that we don't get those anymore
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    53's or pups all day long in our HUB.
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    UPS bought a ton of new to us (used ) 53 footers They are containers on a chasis. they bought these to double stack on rail cars to cut rail road cost. The grey box 53 foters stay in the region . You will see more and more of them,and yes,it is a bitch in some smaller buildings to move them about !!
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    60' Hmm. Sounds like a hell of a beast!
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    sorry im all late replying to this but i stand corrected on the length i gave earlier, after seeing another one parked on an unload door this morning i read the side of it, so these new trailers im seeing are 53 footers (UPS logo on the side) and 59 footers (EMP rail cars). but like you guys said, yes they are a bitch, luckily im a clerk but i have an awesome view of feeders backing em in and the shifter giving his all to pull em out lol.

    on another guessing our center must be way behind in the technology dept. last Friday i had to work our reload since that's when all those ipads came out and i helped work customer counter. one of the sups got a an email giving the procedure on how and what we were going to do with the ipads that weren't picked up by customers (since they DEFINITELY weren't going in the retain). but in that email were pics of what im guessing were new small GSS scanners? it was a small device with a color screen and drop down box for exception scans (known close, holiday, missort, etc).

    i was just wondering does anyone else have these in their building/center?
  10. cachsux

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    I'm pretty sure those EMPU's are 53' also.
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    It's a good thing ups teamster feeder drivers are by far the best in the industry.
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    third times a charm right? looks like i must reject my previous and substitude again. yes @cachsux you are correct, they are 53 footers. i guess b/c our yard is so small that the trailer itself looks like it reaches almost to the side gate even when parked on a unload door. our shifter has to almost start turning before he even clears the door to pull it out. and for some reason they always looked longer than the other ones (not pups) i mentioned earlier. but again, my mistake!