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  1. minicoopermama

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    Howdy all!

    I have a question for you. Are UPS'ers allowed to wear the uniform..say...to church or to the store?

    I saw a driver the other day with their uniform on at 9:00 at night...somewhere other than in their truck. Someone once told me that was a no-no.

    Who is right?
  2. sendagain

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    We used to go out with the center for pizza and beer in our uniforms to celebrate safe driving days. If you can hold a beer in your uniform, you can walk through a store.
  3. chop chop

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    If you saw a driver at 9 at night at the store in his browns, he could have been feeder. I know the company as a whole probably doesnt like it, but in my center, no one has really ever said anything about it, and I have been at UPS for 13 years. However, I try to avoid going anywhere in my Browns if I dont need to. There is the occasional stopping at the store to and from work, but that is about it.
  4. MR_Vengeance

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    went to a bar in uniform b4:lol:
  5. schoonerman

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    Good question. It depends on the operating/feeder center. Drivers are allowed to wear their shirts to and from work, but most locations have locker rooms where they can change into their pants/shorts and work shoes. However, in some extended locations or smaller centers, drivers are allowed to wear uniforms to and from work. So, in those instances you may see a driver in their uniform at the store, etc. It's frowned up to wear the uniform in a bar, strip club or some other "less-than-desirable" location. Reflects poorly on the company and the individual.
  6. EAM_Master

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    I only know of one driver at my center who actually uses the locker room every morning and night. I have worn my browns into the grocery store to pick up a few things on the way home many times. As long as you are in and out it's no big deal.

    I would not want to be caught in them at the bar. I was at one of the larger bars in town for Halloween and someone (non-employee) had a complete uniform on. He got it from his friend who was an air driver Just so happened that one of the driver-sup's from the center was there too. I'm not sure what happened, but it wasn't good.
  7. jlphotog

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    I go grocery shopping or stop for a pizza/Chinese food or even go to pick something up at a mall in my browns. Never had a problem.

    When I was being trained I asked about this exact situation and was told by my sup, doing all those things is fine, just DON'T go to a bar in uniform.
  8. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Do you really think people in a bar give a crap if someone is wearing a UPS shirt or a Fedx shirt or a cable company or Joes Garage shirt? Just because you wear a UPS shirt don't mean your God. In fact if you had a normal day at UPS you probably stink like the devil.It's just a damm shirt. And yes I don't care if you wear the UPS pants either. Have a beer and relax!
  9. Just Lurking

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    So if we are being paid to deliver that oversize vibrating box to the porn store everything is o.k.

    What a moral [SIZE=-1]dilemma. :ohmy:[/SIZE]
  10. helenofcalifornia

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    Beer and pizza!!! Those were the good old days. None of the youngsters will ever know about those after work parties paid for by UPS. Fond memories.
  11. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Damm near got a DWI one night coming home from a UPS Safe Driving Party. Yes they had bought all the beer.
  12. minicoopermama

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    Thank you for your answers.
    This person is a temporary driver. They went into a bible study group after work (I guess...) and I think they wore it in just to make a statement that they worked for UPS. (You know....to gloat to fellow friends) This person is the one who told me it was a no-no to wear the uniform anywhere but at work. (They told me this while they were wearing it visting someone in the hospital)

    I guess I am just curious how strict UPS is with things like that.

    Have a super-duper weekend!
  13. SmithBarney

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    The guy was coming in after work, believe me, for the most part UPS doesn't mind if your running errands or have to watch the kids soccer match.

    And believe me when I say it, as a driver we don't want to be in the clothes any more than we have to... all to often I have people trying to give me packages or ask stupid questions while all I wanted was a gallon of milk for the babies.
  14. fedupwith251

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    there are some centers where drivers get out of work late and run to store get what ever we need for our family.according to company policy we are not suppose to but unless the rules are enforced no one follows them.
  15. Brownnblue

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    Fredly is right on here; I actually coached my kid a few years ago, one of our sups had a kid in the same league and never said anything. And yes, I did make most of the practices. The parents were VERY VERY UNDERSTANDING of my job situation and sometimes even pitched in if I was late. I remember that we always set up right next to the parking lot so when it got dark, the parents would drive over and we would finish practice with all of their auto lights on.
    And yes, the stupid comments do come. I don't really mind too much if it's a question about the service but the "Hey UPS, where's my package" gets real old real fast.
  16. jlphotog

    jlphotog Member

    I hear you on that! Every time I stop and pick up a pizza on my way home, someone either at the pizza shop or in my building says, "UPS delivers pizza now?" It takes just about everything I've got to just smile and walk away.
  17. toonertoo

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    Ive been in the store at nine pm. I never use the locker room. they used to tell us only shirts but no one has enforced it in yrs. Ive been to calling hours in my browns or I wouldnt get there at all.
  18. ragu

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    Yeah, thats why I try to throw a jacket on whenever I go somewhere after work, I don't need a bunch of 13 year olds calling me the king of queens or yelling "what can brown do for you" at me.
  19. outta hours

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    Right on Ragu I get those two references enough while I'm on the clock. People will stumble on the character name or the show name King of Queens. So when they say " you look like that guy from that show... oh wait a minute." I say oh you must mean Dr. McDreamy on Greys Anatomy? Get's em every time.
  20. hoser

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    common sense here, people. going to the bar, drinking alcohol and slapping the waitress' ass in your browns is a lot different than stopping at the grocery store on the way home for milk and bananas. i wear a hoodie on top at least, i feel it's pompus and self-important to wear your uniform in public places while not on the job.
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