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  1. newUPSER5

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    Hi guys, I'm new to the website. I have a quick question though. I work two PT jobs and both have the same local. Are they suppose to take dues from both jobs? Some people tell me they aren't suppose to and some say they are. I'm just looking for a more concrete answer. I'm paying a crap load of dues and not making much money!
  2. evilleace

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    Are both pt jobs at UPS if so talk to your steward, I think that if you work for another company with another union then you need to pay those dues also as you are paying for representation at that job also.
  3. newUPSER5

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    I work for two different companies, same union local and everything.
  4. evilleace

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    I think you have to pay both dues one set fr each company but talk to your local and they can say for sure.
  5. Monkey Butt

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    Oh yeah...I can imagine that reply.
    "Definitely have to pay both ... thank you very much."
    That's like asking the government if you have to pay taxes on the wages from two part time jobs. :surprised:

    May I suggest inquiring with your state's department of labor for a second opinion.
  6. evilleace

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    well seeing as it is two separate companies and he is paying for two seperate representations then imo he pays both.
  7. newUPSER5

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    Wouldn't I be paying double for the same representation?

    The only thing that bothers me, which I forgot to mention, all last year I only paid dues one time once a month. They took which ever was greater. At the start of 2009 they started taking from both paychecks each month. I don't get it.
  8. evilleace

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    Ok you need to do what hoax said then as they changed it on you find out what is going on.
  9. newUPSER5

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    Yeah, I think I'll do that.

    I don't have a problem paying dues at all, I just don't like that they switched things up on me is all...
  10. drewed

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    I would say no, your union dues at UPS pay for the contract the IBT negtiotiated for you, your union dues at your other job should pay for your scale and bennies there. I had an employee that did the same thing as you worked two union shops, had to pay dues at both but he was doubling up on hours for his pension so it was worth it to him
  11. newUPSER5

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    Makes sense....
  12. 705red

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    You should not have to pay dues for working at two different companies! We had several employees that worked at dhl and ups. They paid dues st dhl and nothing at ups. But now they pay dues here because they no longer work for dhl.

    Call your local union hall and ask for the dues department, typically between 8am and 4pm.
  13. gandydancer

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    You should only pay dues once. If you were casual labor or, say, a carpenter, you might be sent from the hiring hall to MANY different employers in the course of a month, but if you've paid your initiation and dues you're in the Local, and have the use of the hiring hall, for the entire month. Now, the amount of dues you pay next month may be affected by the entireity of your earnings this month, etc. For that you have to consult the by-laws.
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    i dont know the answer, but you shouldnt have to pay at both....its the same local in my opinion you would be paying for the same thing twice

    some might disagree
  15. BigUnionGuy

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    Call the office manager at your Local. It is covered in your Local Union's Bylaws.

    It can differ by Local, State, or Region.

    One answer doesn't fit all.



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    How Can you work for DHL and UPS at the same time. is it a conflict of intrest. I was told that UPS didnt allow it.
  17. UPSNewbie

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    If you're in the US, you can try to work for DHL, but I don't know how that would work out nowadays... :funny: