Union Rep-How do browns get protected?

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    If you are seasonal and you are paying dues, and the verbage goes:

    (According to our local Teamsters Union agreement):

    "Peak Season Employment at UPS is considered Bargaining Unit Work, and falls under the Terms and Conditions of the master Teamsters/UPS Labor Agreement"

    ....which legally emplies that the master agreement covers both seasonal and regular drivers.

    The critical question in this case is:

    Is there a "probationairy period" for both regular, and peak season drivers (under new employment) during which time, an employee is afforded basic Union representation? Especially in such defamatory cases of false "sexual harrassment" accussations brought by center management that result in your immediate termination for "sexual harrassment"?

    The Union is now saying we can't help you, whereas yesterday, they could....until they seem to have cozied up to the big man at the Center, and swallowed the bait, hook, line, and sinker...GULP!
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  2. There is a reason they call you "seasonal." Clearing your name at this juncture is going to be almost impossible. I say move on.
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    After I win the defamation-of-character lawsuit, we an all walk away, old friend.

    Wink Wink-Nudge Nudge!
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    talk to a lawyer then not a union rep...heck try to take the union to court for them failing to represent you, but you are seasonal and they have no legal responsability to do so...you never paid the union dues to join the union...an 'initiation fee' of 300$, that's how it is for regular employees. After that is finished being deducted, then you have to pay back dues for the time they didn't take out union dues when you were paying your initiation then finally regular dues.
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