UPS 747 Engine Explodes After Takeoff



What do you click on after you go to that site? kept telling me you had to be a member when I was searching.


This is what it said

"On Wednesday night, UPS 747 N521 operating as 2997 from ANC to SDF had the #3 engine explode after takeoff, and for some reason, they decided to land immediately, above the gross landing weight. The shrapnel from the engine damaged the wing, and the flaps, which were not fully retracted. N521 made a smooth touchdown, but at suck a weight, with no reverse thrust, they had to use just foot brakes. When it takixed back to out pad, the mechanics said to keep away from it because the brakes were above the red line. After which, all 8 tires on the left side had the thermal plugs give out, and they all deflated. So now, we have a 747 sitting on out ramp leaning hard to the left and a little on it's but because the nose gear did not deflate. On the next inbound 2998/2997 from SDF, (N520) they shipped a new engine (17,600lbs), a new jack to assist our current ones, 10 new tires, and gallons of jet oil.

I work on the ramp, but I can't get a camera through security. But it would make for some good pcitures, because it looks very strange, a 747, leaning to the left, looking almost like a junk car!"

Glad the pilots and crew are OK along with the packages. And no one on the ground was hurt.



Good Pilots, then show them the money and get this thing settled. One of my stops thought our pilots were on strike.


when you take time to think about it....

the first ones to the scene of an airplane crash are usually....

the pilots.....

and what would you think would be the last thing to go through their minds at that crash site....

their ankles..........

yeah i know it's sick, but i couldn't stop myself from laughing after this customer told it to me.

i'm considering professional assistance so i may come to grips with that issue,
but in the mean time, i'm still laughing whenever i re-tell it.



That truly is sick.

Still, it's just plane humor.

Although it seems like instead of ankles it would be the agony of defeat.