UPS as a "role model" for safety?


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Of all people and the many many discussions of safety, I can't help you. But for the others-

It seems ironic that fire departments would try to use UPS as a guide for safety because of

at least one example I gave of blocking FIRE HYDRANTS and FIRE LANES. See? But then

fire/emergency vehicles routinely run stop lights and signs. Just like our drivers.
Fire departments try to use UPS as a guide for safety?

I was unaware of this.

Where do you get your information regarding this issue?


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Don't y'all laugh, but I always thought the Smith System was invented by George D Smith, a former CEO of UPS...

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Hi I am new here and want to work for a safe, reliable company that treats me with respect. Does UPS have a culture of workplace safety? Asking for a friend and myself.