UPS career web site?


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I am sure some of you get tired of us UPS wannabes asking the same questions over and over.
I am considering moving to a new area to get a UPS job. From reading this board extensively I have a bit of an idea how the seniority works for driver jobs.
When I go to the UPS job site and look up driver jobs around the country I see 3 different statuses.
1. Accepting for future openings. This seems pretty clear, they are not hiring now but you can put your name in.
2. Backup. Is this a cover driver position?
3. Current Opening. Does this actually mean they have no part timers that want to move up to driver.
Any light you could shed on this would be very much appreciated.


If you've read these boards extensively,you must've missed the part about how every center is different as far as job availability goes,so these things could mean different things in different places.If you want it that bad just go there and apply,or just ask questions,they like innitiative.My advice...go there


I never tire of hearing people trying to improve their lives.
I don't know about the listings or how other centers hire around the nation, but this is how I was hired.
All hiring done at my center was done through the TWC(Texas Employment Commission, AKA the unemployment office).
When I told the person behind the desk I wanted to apply to UPS, she laughed and said she had a waiting list of 600 people wanting to get hired on at UPS. She said I should apply for all available jobs that they had on file in their office. I told her I only wanted to apply to UPS and no one else. I took all the tests required by the commission to see what job skills I had, so they could evaluate what positions I might qualify for. Luckily, I scored high in all five areas of testing. I got a call from them three days later that UPS was interviewing and I was invited.
When I got to the TWC office for the interview there were about 100 people standing in line waiting for the same interview.
The surprising fact to me was that I was the only one dressed for a job interview.
Well groomed, coat and tie ect..., the rest of the crowd, to put it politely, looked like they just left the house to go shopping at WalMart.
I think that set me apart from the crowd and showed that I at least put in an honest effort to get the job.
I know my story does not answer any of your questions, but I hope it will inspire you to dress well and have a very strong and positive attitude when you get a chance at being interviewed.
Best of Luck.
I was the only one that got hired that day.


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Good Advice Satellite.......It's 'ancient' advice that still works today. I remember hearing it all the time growing up and my kids got it driven into their brains too.


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Thanks for the advice. I think a trip to the center I am interested in working at is in order. The process is complicated by the fact that the center we would like to relocate to is 1200 miles away.
I have been self employed for 12+ years and I think I am done. I have been able to earn a good income, but by the time all my expenses are taken out not much is left.
Good point about appearance, Satellite. In my current business I need to dress up and I have noticed that anywhere from a restaurant to an airline counter, The service tends to be better then when I am in jeans.
Everyone should be treated equal, but in reality that is not usually how it works.