UPS drivers venturing into S.I. projects

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    UPS drivers venturing into S.I. projects - New York Daily News

    UPS might be the world's largest package delivery company - but its reach is limited in Staten Island.
  2. STLFeeder

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    Lifes a bitch. Live with it or move out of the projects. Why should we be held liable because some people can't behave themselves??:confused:1
  3. hoser

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    Package drivers getting beaten up over recipients walking 50 feet...:confused:1
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    As a young driver in 89' I covered some routes in area we called the jungle and when that sun started to go down this brown clown was no where to be found. Political correctness aside I was looking out for #1 and my mngt team new the deal. Back then they worked with you to keep you out of harms way. I dont care if your feelings get hurt even the mail people would deliver in pairs. You want door to door service? Make sure your door doesn't have bullet holes.
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    I agree. When I was in pkg cars, my area had several projects in it. I wouldn't go there after dark. The brief time I was on that area (approx. 11 months) there were 10 people who died from other than natural causes.
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    To the guys in ny your doing right by not going in if the nypd cant protect you I doubt the wonderfull managment team can. just stick to your guns your so called customers. do