UPS drivers watch closely to stop ‘porch pirates’

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    UPS drivers watch closely to stop ‘porch pirates’ - WWLP

    The holidays are one of the busiest times for the United Parcel Service. Keith Pickens would know. He’s delivered packages for UPS for the past 16 years. He works hard to keep them from being stolen.

    “You try to secure the package more, so it’s not visible from the street … so nobody can see it. And so when the customer comes out it’s not even blocking them from their door,” Pickens said.

    And it’s not just about hiding the boxes. These driver’s watch everything around them. Since most work the same areas all the time, they know when something’s out of place.
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    Maybe in the BOG this happens. From what I've seen its a porch pirates gold mine out there.
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    I'm assuming this is a UPS management statement. Or a very new driver, wanting management.
    Yeah, grab that big ass box and manage it out the door being careful not to fall on your butt or twist another ankle. While holding the big ass box and with that Diad board, searching the area in front of you (around the box), keep that 3-4 feet per second pace they want. During this, search the area up ahead for a safe, outta sight, outta weather, not too far place to place this big box. Quickly move to the door knocking, and bring out your pad and pen to leave a note so they know it's there. Clear the area on your way back to the truck so the pathway is clear, while bring up the next address on your board.
    OH!! And in your spare time, check the area around the house, neighbors, and across the street for anything that looks suspicious. Any cars that may have been following you and parked a ways back. Don't trip on your way into the truck (grabbing the handle and holding the board.
    AND MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THAT 20 sporh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Typical UPS! I don't miss this place AT ALL!! :censored2: