UPS Forcing to see 2nd Doctor

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    My husband works for ups in Charlottesville Va, he hurt his back today and reported it, he was told to not see a doctor yet and to "wait it out", against this advice we went ahead and told them he was seeing a doc today, so they sent a supervisor with us and we went to the doc office that handles the workers comp claims, the doc said my husband had slipped a disk and needed bed rest for several days, the supervisor fussed and bullied until my husband said he wuld do light duty, we left only to turn around and have to go back to the same doc bcuz the ups manager didnt like the diagnoses, the doc wuld not change his mind and the manager is now saying my husband has to come back to the doc office and see the doc of his choice, is this legal?
  2. Brownslave688

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    Time to hire a work comp lawyer.
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  3. rod

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    Or take that a-hole manager out behind the woodshed. Better yet--do both.
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  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It is common practice for a supervisor to go with you when you seek medical care for an injury.

    Your husband has the right to see his own doctor and to comply with his/her restrictions.
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    Do both? Take the managers a-hole out behind the woodshed? And they said I have problems.

    Get the lawyer ASAP
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  6. rod

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    I've never said you had a problem. You seem like a completely normal- well adjusted young man to me.
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  7. superballs63

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    Get the lawyer. If your husband is hurt, and the Doctor wasn't a family friend getting him some easy time off, the SUP can cram it.

    I believe they can ASK you to get a second opinion, but I do not believe it to be a requirement.
    My Doctor's degree and schooling are just as good as your Dr's.

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