ups is not your friend

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    Im a driver in nyc for 23 years. ups is not your friend, they do not care about you, your needs, your safety. they only see the bad never the good. always want more no matter how many stops you do or how many pkgs you deliver or pickup its not good enough. its not how many airs you did b4 10:30 am but how many you had late. this company is not your friend. everyday more and more is put on the drivers plate, do more in the same time. when i started the weight limit was 50lbs then 70lbs now 150lbs, pkgs are bigger we are older. i tell my supv. can you do the same as you did 20 yrs ago, can you screw like you did when you were 20. so how do you expect us too. when im out they have to put 2 to 3 drivers on my route and they still miss stuff. when i call for help they question why. i tell my management what or how did they make money for ups today. at least we ( drivers ) do make money for ups, not that its appriciated.
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    Dude, this post belongs under the UPS discussions....:sad:
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    Wow, can you tell us something we all don't already know?:confused:1
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    This just in.....
    upsman39 doubles as Captain Obvious
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    I was thinking along the same lines, but you have summed it in humorous fashion!!
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    Upsman, I think you just contridicted yourself. You say as you get older, like yourself you can't do as many stops as when you were younger, yet when you're out it "takes 2 or 3 (less senority=yourger drivers) to do your route and they still miss stuff" Apparently experience and methods count for something:wink:
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    when you work at UPS, you have no friends!!
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    You know there is a chance you could work for a company paying a helll of a lot less who also expects more from you.
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    When our new manager showed up last year, Her first words were " I'm not here to make friends". I have to agree with her I not here at UPS either to make friends. I'm here to put cash in the bank so my kids will have a roof over there heads, food in there stomachs, and shoes on there feet. When I was working at the dealerships I once brought home a $5.67 check. No that's not a typo. UPS asks a lot, but for for what they are paying me and you, all they want it there monies worth.
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    Agree, not a place to work for the touchy/feely types. That is why I never went into management, I would be the most cold hearted S.O.B you would ever had. My wife would second this opinion.
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    It sounds to me that UPSMAN39 is a late player in The Game!! OH, by the way, welcome to The Game!!!
  13. I don't know what you mean by UPS. Who/what is not your friend?

    a) The package cars?
    b) The UPS shield?
    c) The guy that does the whiteboard commercials?
    d) The ups people on this board?
    e) The other drivers in your building?
    f) Your preloader?
    g) Your uniform?
    h) Your center manager?
    i) All center managers?
    j) Your OMS's?

    I don't understand...
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    Bravo !!!! Well stated
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    Did you walk to work uphill both ways back then too? :lol: :wink:
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    With 23 years in this company you should have any job you want. Get a CDL lisence and sit on your but all night driving rigs. Remember your just a number here.
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    Cut him some slack. I give a fair days work for a fair days pay and bust my ass. Management will question you on a 31 minute lunch yet not worry about when drivers take no lunches or breaks. I have seen stud drivers reduced to limping shadows of their former selves and they still expect these vets to pump em out like when they were in their 20's and 30's. We have 60 drivers in our center and 20 kill themselves, 35 work efficiently, and 5 or less give less than 100% We all have a great work ethic from being brought up brown.
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    (sniff... sniff) smell that? smells kind of like fish with a hint of alkeline tang.
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    you've been driving for ups in new york city for 23 years? which borough? you've got my respect...