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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by slyguy, Jan 27, 2003.

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    Wow! Ups is converting slowly to UPSMART. Subcontracting, using other companies to pull UPS trailers, eliminating effiecient vehicles like the 5 ton, contractors shifting trailers and shop stewards working for other companies while driving their trucks and pulling UPS trailers. Profits, reduced union employees and continued destruction of the environment and the people who work there.

    See this is why I don't feel sorry for anyone who kisses or is a suck because they create a winless environment when you have a legitimate grievance or other problem with management.
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    Mr slug guy..opps..Mr Slyguy. How much worse can it get for you? 1st, UPS forces you to work there. 2nd, now your brotherhood of Teamsters woun't listen to your grievences because they kiss or suck as you say. 3rd, your enviorement is being destroyed..and finally,4th, the lives of your fellow employees are also being destroyed. Something must be done to correct these injustices, and you are just the person the world needs to save it from evil UPS. I thank you for taking this responsibility, for there is noone except you who has the knowledge and courage to complete this task. Keep up the "good work".
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    We should all be gratefull that Sly is here to create a need for paxil.
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    Sly, You wanna my wife to make you a cape to wear while you are saving the world from UPS? Let me know your size and I will Fedex it to you right away!

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    Danny....When the Slyguy gives his measurment for the cape, make sure you ask if he wants the cape to fit over his head or around his neck. The difference being his head size must be , at the least, a XXXL in order to contain his large brain and all the information it contains. I would hate to see your wife waste her time making a cape that dosen't fit him. We know he had broad shoulders because he carries the weight of making UPS into the ideal company we all want. have your wife account for this when making the cape. I'm sure he will appreciate your generous offer.