UPS Mail, part of the 'UPS' or not?



I don't think it is since when you click the properties on the email address it comes up
here is the message, just thought someone at Ups should know in case someone is out there attempting to defraud some people.

UPS Mail, Career Opportunities:

As a part of our on-going expansion program we are seeking account managers for our UPS Mail Services.

Whether you are looking for a professional career or a part-time position we are right for you!
We have part-time jobs for students and adults. UPS Mail recently purchased a new 30,000 square foot facility to accommodate our rapid growth. UPS Mail services approximately 11,500 customers worldwide and the customer base is projected to grow 40% in 2005. The company currently processes over 13,000 inbound packages of merchandise each month.

As a part-time employee, you'll have access to the following benefits: More than $40,000 per year, Free UPS shipping, Comprehensive medical and life insurance for you and your dependents, Great starting pay and annual raises, Weekly paychecks, Direct deposit, Set work schedule and so on!

dead give away in bold.


I saw a tractor pulling a trailor out of a Menlo facility down the street from my hub today. It had "UPS Cartage" on the door. Who is this?


I saw something about UPS being a sorting and delivery middleman for major shippers a couple years ago. I have delivered USPS cases full of presorted mail to my local post office in the past. I would assume this is it. As for the pay/benefits package, that should draw a lot of folks in.

I would say the position is probably a cold call sales position. They are promoting UPS employees to do basically the same thing for the package division right now. Just go out and get us more busines by basically going door to door.