UPS messes up, rookies rejoice


I don't know if this happened everywhere, but it's pretty funny. In my hub we get our checks on Thursday, and something strange happened. Everyone who has seniority after August 1 2002, this includes me btw, got a raise. $12.47 for half the hours worked, and $13.47 for the other half. Needless to say everyone was pretty happy, especially those with less than a year of seniority.:w00t:

Of course when something is too good to be true, it is. Management was quick to inform us that it was a mistake, and that UPS would take it back on the next pay check. But it was damn funny to see people's reactions. My friend was already thinking of buying a new car. :laugh:

I just hope UPS management did tell everyone about this, or someone might actually buy that new car. Too bad UPS didn't do this for April Fools, because it would've been perfect.