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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Bezo, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. Bezo

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    how does UPS catch people stealing packages?

    i've sipped items in boxes using UPS and the person that received the box said that it was empty. i never did anything because im rich.

    what happens when a UPS employee steals? what are the consequences?
  2. mpeedy

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    The employee is fired for stealing. Unless there is proof of an employee stealing thousands of dollars worth of stuff, the company won't contact the police. Your package that came empty could have opened durring transit and the item(s) could have fallen out.
  3. hoser

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    you're full of it. rich people would get to the bottom of it. that's why they're rich. they value a dollar.
  4. Bezo

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    your just mad because im rich.

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  5. 30andout

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  6. hoser

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  7. Bezo

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    im not pretending to be rich. i AM with 10 chicks right now and we are all browsing browncafe.
  8. over9five

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    "..on my own dorrah."

    OK, Hoser, I give up. I looked it up in 3 places. What does it mean?
  9. TheDick

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    That's chinese/english for dollar.:wink:
    BTW when one of my old co-workers was stealing perscriptions from the kaiser pkgs "loss prevention wired the whole conveyor belt for video and sound, plus the pkg cars, not to mention people in the bushes with night vision. I aint lyin either! I found out after they caught him and just told him "you can either quit now or we call the cops"
    weird thing was he was 2 weeks from getting his BA in histroy:bored:
  10. jlphotog

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    Well, UPS offers a $5000.00 reward for anyone who has proof of an employee stealing and it leads to an arrest.

    On a more local note, we had a problem a few months ago around here with the contents of certain packages going missing. While this was going on our center manager made sure that we all knew the empty boxes will be fingerprinted and they will catch the person or persons responsible and he, she or they will be spending time in jail. I never did hear if they caught the perpetrator or if that threat was enough to make it stop.

    Hope that answers the original question.
  11. mpeedy

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    I was told by our security it is too much work to get fingerprints. The police are the ones who do it and they usually put the fingerprints on the to-do list. Plus, it doesn't prove the person did it, even if the fingerprints are inside.
    I had information that my preloader was stealing. With that information loss-prevention caught my preloader red handed. That was 1 1/2 years ago, and I still haven't received any money. Since then LP personell have changed over a few times and no one knows anything. I would do it again though.
  12. Dutch Dawg

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    If you were really that rich, you wouldn't have been concerned enough with this loss to inquire.

    If you were really that rich, you would have had a underling inquire on your behalf.

    Or have I misunderstood and you are actually rich as in Richard?

    Oh we go again.
  13. Dutch Dawg

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    Pulling fingerprints from a cardboard carton is a task in itself without that carton having been handled by how many hands during how many steps of the package process?

    If anything, micro camera technology has probably been the greatest deterient to the dishonest. But then if they were smart they wouldn't be dishonest.
  14. jlphotog

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    I was kinda thinking that myself. That's why I said "that threat".
  15. hoser

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    it's engrish!!!! :cool::cool::cool:

    watch southpark where kyle and the city wok (pronnounced ":censored2: wok") guy negotiate the cost of a flight on city (again, pronnounced...) airlines.
  16. over9five

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    OK, I get it now... !
  17. DS

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    A few years back we had this lowlife preloader broad that was always acting sneaky.One day mngmt wrote in pen on a box from BIRKS jewellers,HV french jewellery,well she bit and they caught her blue handed from the dye they put inside the box.They led her out in cuffs.
  18. wornoutupser

    wornoutupser Well-Known Member

    Our building gets the Loss Prevention guy in camo and he hides in the woods with a video camera. We joke constantly about " LP guy in the woods". We have to park next to and against the building here-there is not enough room.

    We were also told that four cameras were installed (small building) but no one has found them yet.
  19. helenofcalifornia

    helenofcalifornia Well-Known Member

    Cameras where you would never think they could put them, and the ever exploding paint when you open the box you are about to steal from. Thieves suck!!!! Handcuffs aren't good enough for them.
  20. Mystakilla

    Mystakilla Who the *$#@ cares.

    That statement is actually "UP TO 5000 dollars.", and thats definetly a key word there.