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    I just heard a sup that used to be in our center went to DHL. He supposedly went there for more money. Has anyone else heard of management leaving Big Brown for Donald Duck's nephews crew(Dewey, Hughey & Lewie)?
  2. I constantly recruit sups from UPS
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    I work in UPS in week a DHL driver came to us to delivery a package...a red and yellow man...:happy-very: :happy-very::happy-very::happy-very: :happy-very:what a a clown...hahahahaahahaha :happy-very::happy-very::happy-very::happy-very::happy-very:
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    He might have joined a sinking ship. I'm hearing lots of horror stories about DHL having trouble managing the business stateside. Our BD reps getting quite a few solid leads from DHL customers unhappy with the service.
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    A manager that was with the company for over 20 years just left to go over to DHL for more money. It doesnt pay if you just started with UPS. At least have the benefit of getting one pension from UPS and possibly another from someone else. I also have seen about 5 ft sups from the preload shift leave in one week to go to DHL. It caused quite a stir in corporate. Its just not all its cracked up to be to go there...
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    Sinking ship indeed...changes appear to be coming soon to DHL. Bear Stearns and Morgan Stanley are putting pressure on the company to close shop in the US due to losing nearly $1 BILLION in the US in 2006. Once DHL customers see this, they will likley divert some volume to UPS and Fedex...just in case. This will only continue the blood loss at DHL...

    Parcel Shipping magazine published a long article on Monday about this and is strongly encouraging DHL customers to call UPS or FedEx NOW...

    "So what conclusion could this lead to? A suspicion could be that the radical change alluded to by the financial analysts is that Deutsche Post is going to downsize the domestic system in a significant way and in the not-too-distant future. One could suspect from the Morgan Stanley piece that in order to make their financial goals for 2008, Deutsche Post can’t wait very long to fix the loss situation in the US. This could mean a dramatic reduction in the number of flights they operate. It could mean they close terminals. It could mean they lay off a large number of employees. None of this spells improved service for shippers, or DHL lowering the price they offer in exchange for the reduction in service. The unthinkable that I believe the analysts are alluding to is that they (DHL Express USA) file for voluntary reorganization (most people call this bankruptcy). That does not mean that they go away, they just reorganize in a much smaller version of DHL and perhaps go back looking like the DHL of 2003. (Urban legend has it DHL was only losing $200 million a year pre-Airborne)"
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    In my area, DHL is really selective on where they choose to travel for delivery. If the address is too far off the beaten path, they merely leave it at the local Post Office, or take it back to there center, where on a twice per week basis they have UPS come & do a pick-up for them. So typically by the time I roll onto the delivery it is about four days late, and the customer is super hot. If it's not mortgage papers or important document, I make sure to drag my heels as much as possible, as I'd love to hear DHL's explination to the customer on why so late & the dead-end tracking information. The vans look like they've taken third in a demo derby, unwashed generally blaring the latest gansta rap music. The drivers long greasy hair, unshaven, un-washed shirt (I guess this constitutes a uniform), and unkept appearance would make me uneasy about my property if they were on my ground. I understand that they are not well paid for the trouble, but even a street sweeper can take a little pride in the job. Many of my customers will cancel the order if the shipping company will only use these ass-clowns.
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    Like you guys dont stink in the summer when you get out of your unairconditioned feces colored truck baking in the sun wringing wet with sweat!! Thats a great look too!!
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    Better than stinking before one starts their days work.
    Customers understand honest sweat, but,
    they don't understand getting their packages three days late.
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    i was in management for ups and left. I must say that the grass really is greener on the other side. you don't realize how bad things are until you leave and go to a company that really changed for the worse when they went public
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    Do you work in BD? I'm curious if anyone knows the answer to this...are BD Reps in all districts paid the same, or are the costs of living figured into the salaries?
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    Ok, I agree with you on the nasty hygiene. There's a DHL driver that I see come into TJ Maxx on my area (I go there a lot after work...usually there around their pickup time) and he looks like a homeless guy that crapped his pants. But easy on the gangsta rap...I love hip hop friday sales calls.
  13. Re: UPS sucks

    hello to all you upsers out there you have my deepest sympathies having to work for such a fascist type of company.i myself have just finished with ups after only 6months.probably the worst job ive ever had actually.i honestly thought i was going to a job that i could make a career out of but found out that u p s means under paid slave all the lads that ive met are great craic but try and explain things to mgmt and you get nowhere every day was like banging my head off a brick wall.
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    I have seen managers retire early and a few sups leave but never to go to DHL...It seams like every driver I have had to let go ends up at DHL though. They have a lot of our trash.
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    Deutsche Post, the majority owner of DHL, has got to be very close to calling it quits in the US market. They have been losing their shirts from the very start,and the red ink just keeps flowing. I always thought that ICEE and Hot Dog On A Stick workers had the worst unforms, but the new DHL yellow and red clown costume has them beat. Come to think of it, purple and orange is kind of Barnum and Bailey too.
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    DHL is like the Orange Julius in a Jamba Juice world.
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    We picked up a DHL account because the DHL driver wore his pants so low that 6 inches of his boxers were always in view. I was delivering at the place and knew one of the shipping clerks and suggested that she file a complaint with their HR. She did and less than a week later DHL was gone.

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    Re: UPS sucks

    We are fortunate that you realized you did not have what it takes to be a upser. Good luck in whatever generic no pressure , non producing job you find.
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    Re: UPS sucks

    It's takes nothing. It's a brainles job slick! LOL
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    Re: UPS sucks

    I'm sure all the ups drivers and fdx courriers appreciate you putting their job down as being brainless.