UPS vs. Union proposals now on the table

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    Latest update. UPS wants to eliminate the 22.3 jobs as they become vacant. So when someone leaves or transfers from a disappears. Also they proposed eliminating all 22.3 jobs right now. The Union has proposed NOTHING about adding more full time 22.3 jobs.

    The Union proposed $1.50 a year raise for all UPSers to cover the costs of healthcare. What costs????? The Union said they would not under any circumstances make us pay for our healthcare. That's not a valid trade off people. Do not fall for what looks like a decent wage increase. They also proposed bringing the new hire pay closer to top wage with an extra bump in pay. While UPS is proposing a $1000 bonus for full timers and a $500 bonus for part timers with a 50 cent and 25 cent pay raise. Don't fall for this one either. The second contract I was a part of here that was passed. I received $385 after taxes. That is not even close to what you would receive with an hourly raise. Don't fall for this one please!!!

    As far as harassment goes....nothing!!!!!! hall propose something about filing grievances on harassment. WOW...really? Then what? UPS will harass you even more in the YEAR it will take for the grievance, which will be deadlocked and wind up going to arbitration, is even addressed. I think the Union has to start demanding a little more for our dues. The grievance procedure SUCKS and grievances should be settled within a month or two of them being filed. If not then what's the point in filing and putting your ass on the line. You know they seek revenge on you when you file a grievance. If this Union isn't going to represent it's members then it's time to start calling the NLRB. They will do something about it. Why are we paying Hoffa's salary and getting :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: contracts? We need to Unite and form our own Union!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will update with any further proposals I hear about. What have you all heard???????
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    So you're calling on your brother Teamsters to de-certify the union before you've even seen any sort of tentative agreement?

    A (catastrophically unsuccessful) attempt was made at this back in '05-'06 and corporate flew representatives out on private jets to talk with the "leaders" of a de-certification campaign. UPS was completely behind having a handful of hillbillies with no actual bargaining experience trying to negotiate a contract on behalf of 250,000 union members.

    Also, for the record, hall stated that we proposed additional 22.3 combo jobs throughout the life of the upcoming contract. Quite frankly, the company is already removing these jobs de-facto by simply not filling them. Stronger language regarding keeping 22.3 jobs in the local they were created in has been proposed but I've only seen the tentative stuff from back in September.

    The union did NOT propose a $1.50/hr wage increase to off-set health care, IBT proposed a $1.50/hr increase to HEALTH & WELFARE. In fact, IBT proposed $1/hr wage increases across the board, a $1/hr "catch-up" raise for PT'ers, and to set starting pay at $15.00/hr.

    Economic proposals with "bonuses" (these bonuses would go to H&W and pension, not in your pocket) would never be put to a ratification vote.

    Get your facts straight before you go off half-cocked.
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    Harassment is a tough one, and nothing the Union negotiates will change that. Harassment is not easily's the whole 'thick skin' business. By that, I mean that what may seem like harassment to a tender, precious little heart is considered friendly to someone a bit more weathered. There's too much individual translation to the point that it muddles the legitimacy of an actual case someone my have from some bastard who truly is harassing.

    As far as the rest of your post....did you really need to post all of this that has already been discussed a billion times over already? Gripe when it's all said and done....until then, nothing is final and the sound of Charlie Brown's mother comes to mind....
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    Im voting NO unless they take healthcare off the table and we get ATLEAST $1 raise a yr.....every August 1st $1 raise No more of this spit wage bullcrap either! Dont even bother us with .70 or .80 a yr split raise. 5 billion dollar profits!!!!!
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    Ha ha......That would be Charlie Brown's teacher but very funny reference. Just posting the info coming from our Union reps. Harassment is rampant since UPS is trying to downsize everything. They are cramming more work down the throats of the workers then ever before. It's ridiculous and quite frankly dangerous. And as for you Mr. "I'm de-certifying the Union"....yeah I am. hall and Hoff a have been know for many contracts to preach big word and come back with little to show for their mighty talk. And again they are doing the same. You are correct about the fact that they are not refilling the 22.3 vacancies, but again that is the Union who said they would monitor this and make sure the company keeps in place the amount of jobs they had agreed on in the last contract. So the mighty Union fails again. If they can't enforce a contract they already signed into place, why should we believe anything they throw out as proposals? They are NOT DOING THEIR JOB!!!!!! And the economic "bonus" proposals were made by the company INSTEAD of hourly wage increases. They are proposing a bonus for the first year of the contract with no wage increase, and a 50 cent full time and 25 cent part time wage increase for the years to follow. I'm sure the info isn't accurate for either side, but some of the issues have to be seen by people so they don't fall for the Unions BS. No comment on your almighty Hoffa? Why did he run for reelection knowing he was going to retire? A good hand out and a higher pension for him. And you can check those facts on the Labor Relations Government website because all of the salaries and pensions are listed. I still say they aren't earning their salary.
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    I heard they won't consider a split raise again. Can't believe this passed last time. That just meant that we would't receive a full increase in August before peak when we handle most of the volume and work most of the hours. And UPS could lay off all seasonal employees until February after our second half raise and they wouldn't see raises sooner either. BS. Pass the word on brother!!!
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    DAMMIT! twas what I meant....
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    'kicker, Why don't you just post your rant in the "conference call" thread??? All of this 'old news' has been debated already. You are kind of late to the party.........
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    Asslicker is back and on target as usual.

    He is just a flamer but entertaining if you keep an open mind.
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    ​I see what you did thurr...
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    this morning i heard that they are DONE with 9.5 and harassment language but sorry , don't know the details.( guessing and hoping that there is more teeth to it ). still stuck on wages and healthcare.

    i'm in feeders and work 12 hrs a day so 9.5 doesn't apply but I do have empathy for my package brothers. my bones are tired as it is. harassment is not so much prevalent either. for the most part I work the methods and stay safe and ignore the harassing.

    wages should go up for everyone at least 10-15% over the life of the contract since the co made over $20,000,000,000.00 in profits over the last 6 years.

    regarding the healthcare issue. this is the wildcard. i just don't know the real and projected increase in costs to the company in the next 10 years. they may have a valid arguement. when a 5 mile ambulance ride for my wife is $1700.00 and 3 days in the ICU is $38,000.00 it kind of makes you scratch your head.

    our prescriptions run $1500 a month. that's $18,000.00 a year. dr visits run $175 per. i had to go to ER last year with a severe asthma attack and that was $3800.

    these costs can't be controlled by the co.

    and another thing. FED EX has to be unionized to make it a level playing field. UPS can't raise rates and compete when the competition is paying half the wages we receive.
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    I rather them forget about that harassment :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: and instead focus on wages, pension and healthcare. Harassment is so subjective. Just give us more money.
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    I think this is the biggest part of the problem. It seems the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry can raise their prices at will. $1700 for a 5 mile ride??? Where did that money go?? Do you think the ambulance driver and EMT got any sort of reasonable percentage of that charge?

    I had surgery last year and the doctor didn't participate in any healthcare plan, not bluecross or Aetna or anything else, just charged what he wanted took the out of network payment without sending me a bill for the balance. He said it was better than having to pay someone full time to cross the tees and dot the I's and still have claims rejected.
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    I'm not seeing any numbers on an hourly pension increase? Does this mean we're not getting 1.
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    Medical Costs are 3 times what they should be due to most can't pay. They have to get it all from the ones that can't pay.
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    When I heard the unions proposal for part-time employees I was disappointed. The $15 per hour starting rate for pt surely wont happen but if its even say $12.50 to start with the $1 catchup for current pt that would put new hire pay over probably 60% of the part-time workers in my building.
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    it wont even be close to 12.50
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    YES!! Without a doubt.

    Fedex cost per package has to be more then ours if you take out labor costs out of both UPS and Fedex. They do not handle the volume we have and so the cost would have to be higher, again if you take out the labor cost.

    As time goes on, and as they get bigger, their cost will go down. If they become, or I should say when, they get to the size of UPS but not having to pay the labor cost UPS does, well then we are in trouble. They will be able to undercut us since they will have the savings of not having union labor but have the size advantage that we have now. The larger they are, the lower the cost per package will be.

    Either they need to loose their contractor model and the airline classification or we will at some point need to take severe pay cuts. I am to tired now from humping boxes all day, but I am sure I could do a little research and see what their growth rate has been over time and compare that to ours. Once the numbers are complied it would be fairly easy to predict the tipping point (when they reach our size).
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    I don't know about everyone else but I work less hours during peak and most during the summer.
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    The main reason UPS will lose customers is bad service........not because of prices. We are already headed down that path, the customers dont matter anymore. The employees dont matter any more either the only thing UPS cares about are the shareholders!