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    stop crying about UPS,,if you hate your job QUIT, go find $23.98 some where else cry babies, just bite your toung and suck it up
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    Why is we seam to get this board to a place where we can all joke and talk to each other; then a new guy shows up with their first post telling us what to do???

    Macafee, You are intitled to you option, but why not see who we are first before telling us where to go?
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    Yeah really, Mac, things have been pretty calm around here for the last week or so. You trying to stir something up? Or did you just get lost on the way to That's where most of the crybabies hang out.
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    How about starting out on the "Right" foot?? The positive thing is that it can only get better from here!!
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    The right of everyone to express their opinions should be encouraged, not suppressed. How can problems be fixed within the company if they are not addressed. Some yes Macafee, are petty. But to call everyone "cry babies" only adds to the negative atmosphere. Also is the money really more important than everything else? If it is than I'm sorry.
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    There is no doubt there are problems at UPS just as there is at FedEx, Home Depot, IBM, GE, General Motors and the list is as long as there are companies on the face of the earth. There are many issues I'd like to discuss but explain this. How can a person who is under an alias, whose work location is unknown and who is speaking to a bunch of other people who are also hidden by alias' solve a local problem or issue?

    Bringing up a issue here may give some emotional satisfaction to the poster or some feeling of power but when all that is said and done that very problem will still be there staring you in the face. So at the end of the day what's the point and what did you accomplish?

    Local problems are solved at the local level not on an internet website.

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    Yes, that is true wkmac. But the experiences of others may contribute to that solution. I always learn something when people post about their local situation. I see how contract interpretations differ, attitudes differ, and management styles differ. I don't really like reading the whiners, but I think we can learn something from them.
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    Well said upsidebrown. I doubt very few people really ever just discuss their problems just for emotional satisfaction or for a power trip. I know I haven't. Maybe sometimes people do it just to vent here knowing that there are others on the board that have shared the same experiences and can offer advice or just merely talk about it with them. Sometimes just talking to someone else that's shared the same things you have helps. I think that the majority are really seeking advice more though. Having worked in a hub first then moving to a small center and participating on this board I've learned that all UPSs are different but they also have many things in common and that's why this board can be useful. I've learned things from people here that I never would have heard of working at my Center but have also noticed how some things are just the same at all of the UPSs. For these reasons I actually believe that it would not be good for the board if everyone just talked about the same thing over and over and always agreed on everything. I check the board everyday and if I don't like what is said then I just move on to something else unless I actually have an opinion to add. I don't see how whining should create such an explosive response though. I think people should think about it first when they are about to make fun of people for it and realize that doing so is actually like adding fuel to the fire. People are trying to vent and seek advice that they can't seem to get in their building and then when they attempt to do so on here it's easy for them to get a little pissed off if they are made fun of for it. I've gotten a little dose of this lately so I know. The worst part is that some people seem to enjoy making fun of people for it and don't realize that what they are doing is actually no better or worse than the initial whining. Even after just saying all this though I can definitely say that if the board was nothing but whining then it would probably suck. LOL. I guess what I'm trying to say is that a little variety is good here and there.
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    There is nothing wrong with being constructively dissatisfied. I would never expect someone to put on blinders and ignore the problems. I do believe that there people that are obsessed with finding the negative in everything. I hate it when people stand on the sidelines and fire shots all day. If for instance our safety picture bothers you and you don't believe the safety committe is an effective tool to help improve conditions that would be your opinion. There is however nothing that stops you from pulling someone off to the side and telling them why its important to bend their knees or wear a better work shoe.
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    I love guys like macafee and tieguy. They make me tons of money. Keep that same attitude here and at work. Make it so when some new guy gets hired some shop stewart can say. "See that supervisor over there he thinks you are over paid and thinks that no matter how he treats you or how unsafe our job is then you should suck it up." " You make too much money to complain " Then when it comes contract time those union guys will be asking for all the golden eggs,but not for just the money,but to get back at guys like mac and tie who forget we are humans first, parents, sisters, brothers, friends and some where way down the list UPSERS. Keep the ball rolling. I love my job and all what UPS has done for me. The short vision of guys like them hurt UPS. Its a good thing that managment people like these two guys and extreem union guys dont make up UPS. I just get sick of walking through the brown stuff created by these two groups to get to my real job.Driving....But a special thanks to Tie and Mac because if I had got half of the raise that this contract offered I would have been happy[​IMG] but I guess thats the cost to UPS to bite your tongue and suck it up.
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    And you on the other hand have been a constant pain in my ass because you are too hard headed to understand simple concepts. My previous post discussed a positive attitude and not standing on the sidelines. Somehow you translated that into me thinking drivers are overpaid. You should go home regularly and beat your head with a baseball bat until something is actually allowed to soak into that thick skull.
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    First of all one positive post doesnt make the individual.You through the proof of reading your posts(that's more then one)are the perfect example of what I am talking about. So I did understand the thought but dont really believe you. Your posts dont show your concept of constructive disapproval being ok. Your very short toward the union employee. Second I was also talking abouts mac's post which started this thread. I will type s l o w e r next time so you will understand the whole post.
    This simple concept comment and the baseball bat thing is a comment that I would expect from someone who had no rebuttle but had to say something. Even if its wrong. Like the old saying goes "It's better to be thought a fool then to open one's mouth and prove it" And please no cussing it's very primative.
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    "You through the proof of reading your posts(that's more then one)are the perfect example of what I am talking about. So I did understand the thought but dont really believe you."

    Fair enough you've decided to call me a liar. Since you claim to base your decision by proof of my posts then lets go ahead and take one of my many posts and show me where I have told drivers they are overpaid.
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    "Your posts dont show your concept of constructive disapproval being ok. Your very short toward the union employee. Second I was also talking abouts mac's post which started this thread."

    Really? I could have sworn that you had my name included in that post. Lets see hows that post start off? Ah yes it says I love guys like macafee and tieguy before it then goes on to put words in my mouth. Did I go slow enough for you to understand that time?
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    one post doesnt make the i n d i v i d u a l... D i d y ou r e a d l a s t p o s t?.....Oh I get it! You thought you were on the "heard any good ones thread...hehhehe funnyguy...playing dumb like that...hehehehhe
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    Oh Ok , well using your logic I've determined your a pedophile. Since I should be able to apply this rule with absolutely nothing to base it on as you have you should have no problem with it. Now could you tell us why you like sexually corrupting innocent kids?
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    Time to take it over to the WPC thread!

    Damn Giants just lost to Houston in a truly pathetic performance. Their strategy was to fumble, throw interceptions, and get stupid penalties in an effort the fool Houston into thinking they are a playoff team. Didn't work guys! Now no one thinks the Giants are a playoff team. NJ state playoffs may even be too much...where is Phill Simms when we really need him?

    Go UPS! (you're all I have left)
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    Could we get any nastier with each other?
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    Thanks Dammor I appreciate the point and I agree 100 percent. If Kidlogic had been chained up in the backyard and had his ass beat whenever he pissed on the rug then he probably would not have jumped in out of the blue and attacked me for no reason whatsoever. Thanks for recognizing his attack was totally unprovoked by me and therefore not deserved. I greatly appreciate the unbiased response.