UPSer shot

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    The 25 year old mentioned in the story is a part-time supervisor that works in my building. He has worked there for at least the last 5 years that I'm aware of. The word going around the hub is that it is not looking good for him. As far as I know he is still in critical condition in the hospital, I will update this thread if anything changes. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. :sad2::angel2:
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    thoughts and prayers to him, his family and friends.

    I hope he pulls through!
  3. ajblakejr

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    Will say an extra prayer for both young men.
    May they make it home to see their family.
  4. dilligaf

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    And I will as well.
  5. Udder Udder Brudder

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    Hope he makes a speedy recovery.

    On another note, your avatar says your a racist!
  6. Covemastah

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    This has been a very bad year for our people !! Prayers go out to him & all who have been killed or hurt bad on the job !! I really can't believe the stories that unfolded here this year !! Lets all pray for a better 2010 !!!!!
  7. klein

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    A case of wrong place, wrong time.
    2am Saturday Morning at a niteclub.

    Another senseless crime.

    Prayers and thoughts for all victims and families.
  8. fethrs

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    Prayers and wishes for the men, their families and friends. I really hope they find the losers that did this and throw the book at them.
  9. feederdriver06

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    How do u figure?
  10. feederdriver06

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    Hope the wounded make a full recovery. So sorry for the deceased.
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    Udder Udder Brudder;604857

    Hope he makes a speedy recovery.

    I fixed it for you. You're welcome.
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    And your comment says your a....well, I won't say out of respect for the forum rules. ;)

    What I will say is if you visit our Current Events forum you will find plenty of threads discussing not only my avatar, but racism as well, not to mention a whole host of other political topics. I encourage you to visit it, and place your comments there so that this thread can remain on topic. Thanks!
  13. User Name

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    can somebody tell me what good it is to be out at 2am?
  14. brett636

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    If he was at the night club then its not all that unusual to be out that late. Most of them don't really get busy until close to midnight. I have heard that he may have been a bouncer at that club, but I cannot confirm it.