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    Friends, I ask each and every one to go to and review the company's "last and final" offer. This offer has us taking a pay cut. Please remember in 2013 YOU will receive this "last and final" offer and we will support YOU like we did in 1997. Most of us are stockholders, workers, and mostly UPSers trying to make this company survive in an economic downturn. If and when the company needs help to survive, I will take a pay and benefit reduction to help out. Today UPS is not in this postion and our top people are the best compensated in the industry. The aircraft mechanics number less than 1000 members and provide world class service for 200 large commercial airliners that fly worldwide without any accidents for over 20 years. Thousands of flights, millions of miles, millions of dollars of profit and the company is asking us to reduce our pay, reduce our health care, give back 4 years of retro pay, and reduce work rules. Please understand that we are few in number and have been without a contract for almost 5 years.
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