UPSer's. Please do your self this favor

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Fitbit App :), Jul 11, 2018.

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  3. jagger john

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    if you put dog in the truck we work in you would be arested for animal hopes we die of heat strike
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  4. J.R.

    J.R. Member

    Lol it's hot as hell here in Texas too
  5. zubenelgenubi

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    Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Washington...

    The only way fit bit works for UPS (ignoring the retirement contradiction) is if he's one of those guys who delivers new package cars to centers and hubs. I don't know, but I assume those guys are contractors.
  6. dziba191

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    Hmmmm.. reminds me of a certain government official
  7. Zowert

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    I ain’t reading! Gonna vote no just cause!

    Really though, hybrid drivers = no vote for me. I think anyone driving a package car for UPS should make the same wage. Yes that includes air drivers. Give the company an inch and they will take a mile.
  8. The Real Jack RyanMI6

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    Did what you said guess what UPS admits to 22.4 has been their plan all along. 22.4 is just a part of the long term planning initiative based off Orion, along with Edge, dynamic orion, et all...More to come!