Verbal warnings, regarding misloads.

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  1. ChrisTheBrown

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    I was out of work sick today...Loaded trucks yesterday. My preload supervisor just sent me a message for tomorrow's start time, & I thought I'd ask him if I had any misloads yesterday..He told me that I had 6, & that he has to give me a "verbal warning" regarding the misloads..
    I doubt this is anything that I should be worrying about..Is it basically just a little slap on the hand? Hopefully, if anything, this will keep me in the unload on a regular basis, where I normally am while working preload.
  2. bleedinbrown58

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    Your steward should be present for any warnings given.
  3. He'll talk to you about it, document it in the computer, and you'll go back to work. But I'd highly recommend you work to drop that number. Not good.
  4. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    The start of progressive discipline. Nothing really to worry about.
  5. ChrisTheBrown

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    It's the highest number I've ever had..As I can recall..I don't load that often.
  6. laffter

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    Unless someone at a higher level is pressuring local management to follow through with progressive discipline for misloads, all you'll ever get are "verbal warnings".

    I've only been at UPS a few years, but the only time I've seen anyone get suspended for misloads was about a year ago when it was the flavor of the month.

    If it ever gets to that point for you, talk to your steward. The burden is on UPS to prove that nobody but you entered any of your trucks between the time you arrived until the driver left the building. So, unless they have cameras, which they don't, they can't prove anything. If your union local is strong enough, no discipline for misloads should ever stick. It's on you to fight it, though. If you do get suspended or terminated down the line, it's too late to say "you can't prove any of those previous misloads" if you haven't grieved any of their previous disciplinary actions.

    That being said, a conversion over the phone does not constitute a verbal warning. Unless your supervisor and steward meet with you in the coming days, there was no verbal or written warning.
  7. Number24

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    You should be afraid, be very afraid :-)
  8. MendozaJ

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    When my sup says, "Two misloads, what's up with that," I consider that a verbal warning, however it's construed.
  9. Rawrzxor

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    I've had 6 or 7 verbal warnings this past year. My first month, last year, I got a written warning for 12 misloads. :censored2:ed up thing was, i gave my scanner to a sup so he could power scan.

    They even give your entire area a warning if a box gets thrown in without being scanned.

    They take that :censored2: seriously, if it happens enough. That's their money, and you don't want to :censored2: with a companies money--that's all they care about. They probably factor in some odd amount of money to be lost on misloads, so if they go over thwt, they start cracking heads and giving examples by hanging some poor sod in the hub.

    But, you'll know it's getting serious when you get a written warning, then a suspension the next time. In any case, you should work on not getting misloads, just to keep them off your ass.
  10. jibbs

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    they're starting progressive discipline for how you loaded a truck, but you're not usually a loader?

    that sounds kind of :censored2:ed up to me. what do they really expect when they switch your role up from day to day? Of course there's going to be :censored2:-ups... if they kept it consistent they might get consistent results....
  11. Next thing you know when loading feeders the receiving hub will write you up and demand your signature on a warning letter for causing overgoods spills, because of course a feeder never goes over potholes in the city and never, ever spills the walls all over the should always arrive in perfect condition with a perfect wall and of course cheap flimsy boxes should be perfectly intact with no overgoods spills.

  12. It may be that way in your area, but that doesn't mean all of UPS handles it this way. Some people treat this issue very seriously and will aggressively pursue discipline for misloads. In my center progressive discipline is routine for misloads, it's not a flavor of the month.
  13. Jackburton

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    Just by giving a crap you're going to be better than 1/2 the playing field. Just try your best and make an honest attempt at doing your job safely and efficiently, you'll be fine.
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  14. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    If your really that bad you could find yourself back in the primary which isn't really that bad.
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  15. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    In my building if they disciplined preloaders for misloads we would have no preploaders.
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  16. HardknocksUPSer

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    They've talked to a preloader in my center who comes in late at least 2-3 days a week, always calls in, always tries to leave early, doesn't really give a :censored2: to be honest, he's just that kind of person, younger guy who came from fedex, they tell him to keep his misloads down so often I'm surprised they haven't turned blue in the face, he's signed 3 progressive discipline misload sheets in the last 3-4 months and they've never done a thing. I'm convinced it's a joke [emoji1]
  17. porkwagon

    porkwagon Active Member

    6 misloads is alot and creates a hardship for others or service failures. Read all the labels before loading. Bring that number down.
  18. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Work a very safe, comfortable pace with zero misloads...and see how fast they come after you for the "drop in production". It's a no-win, just do your best and forget about it.
  19. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    Misloads are the Centers problem. The preload manager just wants the packages out of the trailers and into a package car and out the door. By the time the misload messages start coming in he will be home.
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  20. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    Sounds to me that they need to hire a lot more help to slow things down.