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    I have a bulk stop at the beginning of my bid route that gets about 200 pkgs a day.

    It wasn't on my route when I bid it 10 or so years ago, but when they started cutting routes they asked if I would start delivering it out of a bulk truck before returning to the building and running the rest of my route out of my p7. Not really sure if I had a choice or not but it was fine with me because the number of pkgs really added to my dispatch.

    I work out of a bonus center and while I don't really care about the nickels and dimes of my daily dispatch I almost always run a 1/2 hour to an hour under when I run this bulk stop and my route.

    Yesterday I glanced at my dispatch and saw I had an 8.3 on a day that would normally be over 9. I asked the center manager about it and he said they did a virtual time study on that stop and saw that I was running it faster than the allowance so they cut the time.

    What the hell? Where does this end? Are they just going to start cutting times because people are working efficiently? I have a good relationship with my customers and a solid routine so to reward me IE is going to cut my time from a computer somewhere.

    I know I get paid by the hour, so I just posted this to remind everyone here that there really is no reward for working quickly. Some clown in IE somewhere has to validate his position with the company.
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    This is how ups is now get used to this. They are going to steal any and every bit of time from us all. Do you really think they want to give us bonus? Do you think that they think that we deserve bonus?? You sound like a great driver and this is your reward. Sorry about this but join the club the convict club and there the warden govener prison guard.
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    you got that right.... bonus? lol..... do the job by the methods and the rest falls in place
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    I know. I have never been one to chase bonus. I work at a pace that I feel is fair. I guess I am just posting this to inform other drivers. I have done some things at this stop that have made it easier to unload for myself and the dock employees.

    I set up rollers that go from the front of the truck to the dock. UPS didn't set them up, I did.

    They want dumb monkeys. I can be a dumb monkey. Pay me my over allowed and I will eat a banana when you call me in the office.
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    You have the right idea now.
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    This is an example why their numbers don't matter. They can change them how they see fit.
  7. old brown shoe

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    They can call a mile a half a mile or a hours work a half hours work. Just do your job by their methods take your personal time and stick to the speed limits. It will take you a hour to do their half hours work and you will drive a mile instead of a half mile.
  8. Brownslave688

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    It really is funny that they preach safety all day but if u drive the speed LIMIT all day u will be over u can bet on that. Some in town routes maybe not but rural routes u can bet u will be way over by driving the speed LIMIT!!!
  9. UnsurePost

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    Funny little story regarding I.E, ridiculous time allowances, etc...

    I delivered to a residential area of apartments near a golf course. The road in is roughly 1/4 of a mile long, 15mph, and there are speed bumps throughout the internal part of the neighborhood. The delivery point was around 30 steps to and from vehicle. One day I did have a chance to view the actual allowance generated by I.E. for this stop. The time allowance for the stop was 2:40. The stop took me 5 min. or so, 100% by the book. I did not work out all of the math, that alone speaks volumes for what is actually expected, rather than what is fair.
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    Your reward to getting done on time is more work.
  11. born2Bwild

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    virtual time study? I called it time to squeeze more productivity study. I went from 0 to 1/2 under or sometimes 1/2 over on a bad day to almost 2 hours over. my ft sup first acknowledge the time lost but then he denied it and now I get harassed every often but no ride yet. I for my part I work as directed, follow the methods and never dress to impress. If I prep the truck in the morning and run then I expect to be compensated.
  12. Brownfrown

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    Over...................under............. whatever.

    Do your job by the methods they tell you and don't look at reports.

    If I take my route out, get all my airs off on time, get all my businesses delivered & picked up when they are open, don't hurt the vehicle, myself or the public and get my hour lunch between the 4th and the 6th, then I've had a successful day.

    Nothing in the contract about production.
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  15. dilligaf

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    ​I wouldn't put a bet on that.
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    There is know union contract with production standards. They are all a fair days work for a fair days pay. It the international ever agreed to this we would all be doomed. There is no fair way to set a production standard as all are different. To have a employer set a standard and a union to agree would be a suicide for this union and they(know matter how inept you think they are) wouldnt do it.
  17. Omega man

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    I would. They can't now, or ever, fairly or uniformly gauge performance. There are too many variables to allow for. UPS I.E. must know this and upper-management must be informed of it. The company just uses clueless middle-management to harass and intimidate to try to achieve their baseless but desired levels of production. This is most likely the reason we are not given allowances based on following their methods.
  18. dilligaf

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    Kinda my point. It wouldn't be the first time the union threw us under the truck.
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    Will your sup's be providing you with your performance enhancing drugs, when all this comes to fruition . Did you do work on the Roger Clemens case, I could see some of your handy work in there.
  20. dilligaf

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    ​It's not that I think they would but I am unwilling to bet on it. I've been there on more than one occasion, when the union agreed to something that was not the language in the contract.