Volume Up,Time to Demand More Driving Jobs

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    Volume Up, Time to Demand More Driving Jobs
    Profits aren’t the only things that are going up at UPS. The company predicts domestic volume will grow two to three percent in 2012. That’s two or three times the volume growth last year.

    Excessive overtime and production harassment are already at all-time highs. Will growing volume mean more jobs—or just more production harassment?

    President Hoffa and hall, our union’s Secretary-Treasurer and Package Division Director, told a conference call of UPS stewards in October that the company has agreed to review its dispatches and hire more drivers to match the number of drivers employed when volume was previously at this level.

    It’s time for Hoffa and hall to back up this talk with action.

    Teamsters in TDU’s Make UPS Deliver network are working together to hold Hoffa and hall to their promises and to demand that UPS hire more drivers to handle growing volume.
    UPS Profits Top $4.3 Billion

    UPS executives report the company hauled in more than $4.3 billion in profits after taxes in 2011.

    UPS’s profits for the Fourth Quarter were $1.25 billion. These figures do not include a $527 million surcharge because of an accounting change in the way UPS tracks its pension expenses.

    Including the accounting change, UPS made $725 million in the fourth quarter and $3.8 billion for the year.

    UPS predicts that profits will grow 9 to 15 percent this year. That could bring profits this year close to $5 billion.

    Fighting for Full-Time 22.3 Job Creation

    Membership action has started to pay off. After stonewalling, the IBT and UPS finally started settling grievances and creating some 22.3 jobs in some locals.

    But the IBT still can’t say how many Article 22.3 jobs are filled nationally—and how many UPS still has to create to be in compliance with the contract.

    We need to make sure that UPS fills and maintains every single one of the 20,000 full-time 22.3 jobs it owes Teamster members under the contract.

    Teamsters for a Democratic Union has successfully helped UPS Teamsters across the country to win full-time 22.3 in their locals. Want help winning 22.3 jobs in your local? Click here to send a message to TDU and we’ll get in touch with you about next steps.

    MakeUPSDeliver.org is independent of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, does not reflect its views and is often critical of its policies. The Make UPS Deliver network works jointly with Teamsters for a Democratic Union, our union's national rank-and-file reform movement.
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    What is this makeupsdeliver stuff and where do they get their information? Is this stuff in this newsletter true?
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    Here in Local 396, not only is volume UP, but so is the occurences of supervisors working. Unfortunately, local 396 cannot do anything about it. Just last week in regional panels, local 396 LOST all its cases for supervisors working dating back to christmas 2011.

    The local could not manage to handle the most basic sup working cases. Timecards, witnesses, admissions and air drivers and cover drivers UNUSED and yet the local FAILED to hold the company accountable.

    The reason??

    In the rulings from the panel, "UPS was unable to forsee an increase in volume and therefore had to use supervisors to deliver packages".


    How WEAK can a local be? Todays technology allows the company to forecast volume a week in advance, so the excuse of not being able to know what volume is coming is pure HORSECHITT.

    LOCAL 396, you guys are part of the problem and becoming less of the solution.


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    Make ups deliver is true!
    Teamster Voice is true!
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    We are hiring drivers hand over fist in this district. Well, compared to the past couple years anyway...
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    Nice! how many years seniority does a person need over there to get a FT driving gig, do you know?
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    one of the most recent still in his 30 days was hired may of 2005
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    If it wasn't true the companies & the IBT would have sued.
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    What happens when there is only a finite number of driver jobs available? The turnover rate in my hub is less than 5%. A fellow PT worker on my belt just got a driver gig. He worked 6.5 years here. I feel great for him. Union seniority is a numbers game. Your start date counts. Very few retirements and quits here. At UPS to get ahead, you have to play the numbers game. Put in your bid and hope for the best. That's how reality and a union works for the rank and file.
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    I feel for you TOS but when our international let's this stuff go on everywhere & all the time what can your local my local you or I do?? We all need to vote a big no on this next contract that they cram down our throats eight months early. No matter how good it is
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    I love your logic!

    If you say something and no one sues you, it is therefore proven to be god's honest truth!
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    Could someone verify that griff and Brother Joe are the same person?
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    Don't know if they are the same person, but they are definitely from the same gene.
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    Then why hasn't TDU sued the IBT, according to them Hoffa and hall are the two biggest liars on the planet.
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    TOS,,,, did the panel shoot down the supervisor working cases or was it an arbitrator?
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    It sounds like the lack of evidence was the problem. My local was just as bad on this issue.
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    No, but some of the sucks are the same people. When they are not, they work in cahoots. Its the same bs tactics they try on the shop floor. Attack the messenger.