Voting bonus out!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by jason82, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. jason82

    jason82 New Member

    Bonus center voting bonus out!......anyone have experience with voting bonus out in recent past and did it help or hurt? Any info in either direction would be of great help!
  2. Lead Belly

    Lead Belly BANNED

    When you start this you get to see how mad some of your coworkers can truly get.
  3. anHOURover

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  4. Inthegame

    Inthegame Well-Known Member

    Apparently, you really like that picture regardless of its invalidity.
  5. jason82

    jason82 New Member

    It's in the talks in our center. The drivers who are makin bonus are not making enough to justify their actions on road. Myself, I'm in favor for it gone, I really don't care if I make it or not. Just curious if and how things changed after bonus was gone. I understand some drivers are aet in their ways and gonna run and gun not matter what. Thanks again guys!
  6. Ron Carey lives on

    Ron Carey lives on Well-Known Member

    The orion system has taken a toll on bonus drivers. We are ready to vote it out. 50% plus 1 in the Central

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  7. Jackburton

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    Your photoshop skills are amazing, it really moves my opinion of our leadership. I'd highly suggest you quit whatever it is you do with your day and invest in graphical arts production at an advertising firm.
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  8. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    Voting out bonus in my center was tried many years ago. It got allot of people upset. I honestly don't know how it would turn out if we tried it now but I do know that there are only a handful of drivers even making bonus and most of them run and skip their lunch in order to do so. Here a simple majority vote is all that's required to vote it out/keep it.
  9. anHOURover

    anHOURover Well-Known Member

    Butt hurt?
  10. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    It may take some time but management won't expect quite as much out of you.

    We had a center manager come from a bonus center and I mean he thought every one of us was completely worthless. He didn't understand how every single person didn't run scratch. Slowly his attitude changed.
  11. oldngray

    oldngray nowhere special

    With no bonus there is less reason for UPS to claim drivers are doing things to "steal" time. Less important now that UPS pretty much spies on everything you do all day anyway.
  12. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    I'm not the one posting negative images of hall/Hoffa, sounds like you're the one butthurt.
  13. anHOURover

    anHOURover Well-Known Member

    And would you say hoffa and hall did a good job??
  14. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    Yes, I think we got a fair contract for the current social and economic environment, as did the majority of voters.
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  15. anHOURover

    anHOURover Well-Known Member

    Fair is like a D. I think we deserve better during record profits. I think you need your head examined. Go use Teamcare and pay your co pays
  16. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

  17. anHOURover

    anHOURover Well-Known Member

    Not me. I have secondary insurance to make my Teamcare a so called "mirrored" plan as we were lied to about.
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  18. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    Yet you still post pictures demeaning Hoffa/hall... multiple threads....might be time to move on. If you're dissatisfied with the current leadership I'd suggest voting during the general election.
  19. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    I don't make bonus.

    I get paid by the hour.

    And I make more than the BONUS drivers do every year.

    What was the problem again?
  20. anHOURover

    anHOURover Well-Known Member

    Oh I will be voting for sure. Those sellouts don't have a chance. Stealing members votes don't get you re elected