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    Hello all,
    I'm considering a PT package handler job but I'd like to find out about one possible issue first. I have a severe dust allergy that causes asthma-like problems if I'm exposed to dusty air. No other problems, but dust can pretty much put me out of commission. Can anyone tell me what the air quality is like in the typical UPS warehouse?
    I saw several references in other posts about being really dirty at the end of a shift, but that's not really an issue for me, as long as there isn't a lot of airborne particulate crap in the air. Anyways, sorry for the obscure question, but figured this would be the place to ask. Thanks.
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    UPS is definately NOT the place to work if you have dust allergies (unless you are in an air-conditioned office with you feet up on the desk).
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    i agree, my hub is lowly lit and dusty.
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    Its the insides of the trailers where you will have MAJOR air quality issues.
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    first off welcome. this is the best and only place for upsers to get good info that is not whitewashed, or frosted in brown.:wink2:

    actually a lot of the dust that is in the buildings is off the cardboard boxes. the vast majority of it is pretty large particles as far as airborne go.

    you should be ok with a good dust mask.

    then again, many people say they are alergic to dust, but it is several different things that are in the dust more than the dust itself. does that make sense?

    there are several good half face masks with canisters on them that are very comfortable that get very small particles. you can get very good quality for about 20 bucks if the cheap paper ones dont work.

    let us know how it works out for you.

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    I've seen a few people in my building that would wear the surgical mask. I don't think you would have to wear it the whole time. Keep it on when packages are moving near you or a belt is running.
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    Then when you become a driver you get to drive a 100 plus miles a day on dirt roads and end up looking like the President elect. Not that anything is wrong with that- just that you will:peaceful:
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    As mentioned, the trailers are notorious for dust. So much so, that it is even mentioned in handouts given to prospective employees. In a funny twist, we were told years ago that UPS would not provide face masks, because to do so would be tantamount to an admission of a problem, thereby opening them to liability. However I still see boxes of masks from time to time. Don't know who is bringing them in. As an aside, I would think face masks with canisters would be cumbersome (at least the ones I've seen) and impractical. Not to mention the comments they would invoke.
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    Thanks for the responses guys.
    Sounds like it might be a problem.
    - Sounded better than my real name, Max Genitalia. :wink2:
    You can get your own Schwarzenegger-ish movie name here:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I've used those masks a lot when doing renovations on my house. I've found the only problem is the damned elastic is so tight, it cuts lines in my face after a 1/2 hour or so - end up looking like Tom Berenger from 'Platoon'. Don't know if I could wear them all day, every day. But, as you said, the cardboard box particulate may be large enough that it's not a problem.
    Thanks again, everyone, for the info. and suggestions.
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    rod: It depends on the dirt roads, I used to clean up at one pick up's locker room when I was done with the dusty section and everyone said I looked like a cowboy. I think Reagan was the President back then!

    In the summer anytime you deliver to or pickup from a plant that has anything to do with graphite or powdered metals the dust sticks to your sweat and then you'd look like Obama.
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    We used to joke about UPSers that work inside would get cardboard lung as opposed to black lung the coal miners get from the conditions that we worked in.
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    Glad I dont use my real name, Les Manhood :surprised:
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    if the masks are cutting lines into your face, you have the straps too tight. loosen them up just a bit. you want a snug fit, not a tight one.