Warning letter for missorts????

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Mr.Brown, Feb 15, 2010.

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    well for the past week our hub has been on edge:sad-very:, management has been trying to scare all the employees and today they wrote more then half of the sort isle up for miss sorts:surprised: , we have the new HP scanners that mark are name on the box, along with package info, well i scanned 7500 pieces last week and had 3 miss sorts "supposedly" if we ask to see the package they will never show us, they wait till the next day and then say you 3 miss sorts on this belt, the upper belts at our hub always get jammed, when this happens packages fall on the lower belts, what should we do walk every box to each belt? they made up a number 1 miss sort for every 2500 packages scan! any help???
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    Get your steward involved. First was there any prior counseling,talk with etc.prior to the warning letter? You should have a chance to correct any problems before you get a letter.A good sup would talk to you a couple of times in the stewards presence before going to a letter.In our area 1/3000 is acceptable and a past practice. A good steward can help you with pleading your case,do not go this alone
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    a warning letter and 50 cents will get you a daily newspaper ( maybe 75 cents in the big city). But yes - get the Union involved
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    Everyone of you grieved the warning letter I hope.
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    This is the companies big push right now. Missorts, salts, basically human error discipline. The company has never ever, never ever attempted to negotiate any discipline procedures for this. You cannot be progreesively disciplined for missorts. Not every sorter sorts the same pieces, volume, loads, etc. If yo sort 7500 pcs is 3 an exceptable number? Does that mean that the sorter who sorts 6000 pcs and has 4 missorts should be terminated?

    We have 3 arbitration rulings here in 705 backing this up, no set standard, never discussed it during negotiations and all 3 terminated employees were reinstated with full back pay.

    Do the job to the best of your abilities. Work at a safe brisk pace and understand that here in Chicago, the Cach facilty computers are missorting at a 4% rate while hourlies are under 3%. None of UPS's computers have been terminated.
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    Maybe so but the CACH computers can get the best porn,so there.
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    Actually all 3 cases where out of Cach also. Maybe you guys should put the right stuff in the trailers. LMAO
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    Computers can be used to view porn????
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    Put in? No Habla. We just move trls,we don`t load them.