Warren Co. judge says video doesn't show UPS driver striking dog

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    Warren Co. judge says video doesn't show UPS driver striking dog - WREG

    A judge has dismisses a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge against a United Parcel Service driver after saying a video doesn't clearly show the driver striking a dog with rod-like object.

    The driver still faces a civil lawsuit.
  2. Covemastah

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    score one for the good guys,lets hope he beats the civil suit also,thank God this didn't happen in Massachussetts !!!:happy2:
  3. shrimpfire

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    Sounds like that dog was trying to bite the driver; Dogs owner are liable.
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    Yep ... that would have been tough explaining that far off area. :wink2:
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    No specifics here, but if the dog is coming after me, Im going to use whatever means necessary to protect myself.
  6. shrimpfire

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    civil lawsuits work 2 ways
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    Care to elaborate?
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    That the driver should file a counter suit against the home owner. I think its a great idea!