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    it could be that also, there’s only so many contractors out there for them to hire and fire though
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    Shell game. Amazon is pulling some contracts to look like they care about safety. The drivers will be hired by another contractor. No actual layoffs, no systemic changes, same safety results.
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    Amazon is trying to save face with all the bad publicity. Just another example of you get what you pay for . On top of that they try and push these guys to their limits . It's a perfect storm.
  6. I think what's next is Amazon needs more delivery volume in order to be profitable.
    They will be forced to encroach on what's historically been UPS & FedEx territory.
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    Exactly. But the results will actually be worse. The new contractors coming in will have to get up to speed. I’m surprised Amazon is pulling contracts already. This stuff is a lot tougher than they realize.
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