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    I recently returned to work after being out for 6 months due a herniated disc, had surgery & spent my time in phys therapy. It's my 5th day back at work & last nite I came home writhing in pain. I thought & hoped it was just soreness from not working for 6 months & getting fat. But this morning I woke up & could barely walk, I went in & bumped one of the rookies so I could go home & sit on the heating pad & stretch all day but its not getting any better. The doctor released me because he said I was at MMI(max medical improvement) but I wasnt fully ready & I told him I still had pain in my sciatic nerve running down my left leg. I've taken every safety precaution there is & worked at a safe pace but I know I'm feeling like I wont be able to make it. I'm looking at at least a 5 year waiting list to transfer anywhere such as porter or feeder or clerk position. It seems like my only option would be to go to a 22.3 job but since they're not creating any new ones I doubt I'll get in plus I dont see how loading trucks all nite would be any better for my health. Obviously I dont want to tell the sups that I dont think I can handle my job anymore cause Im sure they'll push me to resign. I really enjoy driving, its not the best gig in the world but where else can I go that will pay me this well with so much job security with no college education. It's my understanding that the UPS cant/wont give me another position due to union seniority/bidding rules. Is there anything I can do to keep from killing myself out there &/or losing my job?
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    Serious question - Height & Weight?
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    And this is relevant in what way?
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    The original poster who asked the question knows exactly why it is relevant.
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    I was being serious. I don't think it matters if you are short and fat or tall and skinny, a herniated disk is nothing to screw around with and if Fishbulb tries to fight through the pain he may cause irreversable damage. I think he needs to go back to the doctor who cleared him to return to work and relay his concerns and go from there. Be upfront with mgt, let them know what is going on and that you will be going back to your doctor for reevaluation. It certainly sounds to me like you returned to work too early but, what do I know, I'm just a driver (my on-car hates it when I use that line). Keep us informed and best of luck to you.
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    Oh, I know, I've had one. And it makes a HUGE difference "if you are short and fat or tall and skinny", in my opinion anyway.

    Original poster said "I thought & hoped it was just soreness from not working for 6 months & getting fat..." If he says he is 5 11 and 270 lbs, it simply will not get better, and he already knows what to do.

    I went to a chiropractor (sp?), who I believe to be total quacks. The Doc told me to go to the hospital for x-rays (I was impressed) and they suggested immediate surgery. As I had no insurance at the time, it was not an option, and I did not care to be bedridden the rest of my life.

    Chiropractor put me on this machine that belted to my legs & torso, and it slowly "stretched" me. Did this for an hour twice a week.

    I now no longer believe chiropractors to be fruitloops like I used to.
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    I once had a PITA but got divorced and it went away.
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    Can a herniated disc cause tingling and numbness?
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    thats a great way to lose a good 130lbs or so! ;) lol
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    Not a doctor, it sure did with me, both my legs & back.
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    I had 2 herniated discs from no fault of mine pkg car wreck. I had shoulder rot cuff surgery 15 months ago and then 2 level disc surgery 3 months ago. It depends on which disc is herniated as to the symptoms. Mine were cervical(neck) , I had numbness in left arm/hand/fingers , pain under left shoulder blade, bad headaches, and when I had to go to the bathroom , I HAD to go to the bathroom right then. I also started dropping small objects with my left hand.
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    I have been thru the 2 level ACDF surgery 3 months ago and am waiting to start work hardening program. We have been arguing with Liberty Mutual over where I would do this program; they are trying to force me to go to a different Phy Therapist than I have used for 2 years. It has been almost a month now since I had any therapy, you know, the E-stim, stretching, massaging, etc that you get after surgery. I am starting to hurt again, too, mostly just stiffening back up, losing neck flexibility. I can't imagine what it must be like to just be thrown to the wolves right away. There was a guy on here who went back to work after surgery but at a gradually increasing pace. His doctor worked out a return to work plan that eased him back into driving, starting off inside bldg, then 4 hrs in bldg,4 hrs running misloads or something like that, and then 8 hr max driving. All of this took about 4 weeks I think, I am not sure. If I were you, I would go back to the doc, tell him what you are feeling. I want to make it back to drive, too, but no amount of money is worth be crippled over. I hope you have a lawyer and I hope you didn't settle b4 you went back to work. Good Luck
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    im 6'1 & currently 215lbs. When I was working I was about 190lbs so yeah i gained a little weight but im not a fatty. It was the L5/S1 disc that was herniated. I think thats the last disc on the spine or 2nd to last, something like that. They did a discectomy & trimmed off part of the disc that was touching the nerve. Before I went back I was still in a little pain & they did a 2nd/follow up MRI which showed I had some residual herniation but as I stated the doc told me I was at MMI so he told me to use ice & a heating pad on a regular basis. Heating pad helps a little but its still tough to walk. Tried a chiro & it made it didnt help, he did do what he called trigger point accupressure, basically he dug his thumb into a few of the muscles & had me stretch, that i liked. Tried accupuncture too but i didnt notice a difference. One of my on car sups had the same problem when he was younger but much worse, he had rods & pins put in his back which I dont even want to think about at my age, im only 31.
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    Yes, absolutely. Numbness and tingling are signs that something is causing pressure on the nerve(s), which is a common side affect of a herniated disc.
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    I friend of mine had back and nerve issues. His injuries were so bad that he literally looked lke a crooked old man. His regular doctor tried a few different shots to get rid of the pain and after the 3rd one didn't work he went to see a sports therapist. This particular therapist are the ones who got T.O. back in shape after injuries when he played for the Eagles, and they have a branch a few towns over from here. After several visits they had him all stretched out and mostly put back to where he needed to be. he''s still not 100% but the chiro and PT certainly helped him more than a regualr doctor ever could/would have.

    I don't go to the regular doctor unless I am excreting blood. Chiros, PTs and Massge therapist are the best routes you can go if you find the right ones.
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    I herniated my L4/S1 3 years ago. was out of work for a year and a half. It sucked..........what got me better was....... swim and swim and swim. Water aerobics will help also. Swimming will help strengthen you back muscles which stablize your spine and it will keep you active. Endorphines play a major part in back injury. Stay active, it will hurt but in water (for me) it didnt. I went through hell with my back but as long as i keep the weight off my belly my back doesnt bother me. The numbness in my leg is still there when i sleep. But nothing that keeps me from a normal life. But find a place that has a pool use it, it will make a world of difference.
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    Especially those that have the big billboards w/ Asian girls on them, always happy ending!:wink2::wink2::wink2:
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    Lucky bastard....I still have one.
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    Aint that some kinda Greek sandwich?:laughing: